Imagine No More U.N. War

Over the decades since World War II the United States has involved itself in ??????Peace Keeping Actions?????? (wars) or ??????U.N. Police Actions?????? (wars) around the world on behalf of the U.N. Imagine if the United States no longer fought to establish the new world government, the empire of the United Nations. What would it mean for Americans and America?

Would you imagine it would mean that our country would not be as hated as it is today around the world? Most Americans who have lived for more than fifty years have witnessed deterioration in how the world sees us. Citizens of the world see our country differently than they used to. Could it be, in part, because we wage war on behalf of a corrupt United Nations all over the world and justify it because of some U.N. resolution or other? Have all the wars we have waged on behalf of the U.N. New World Order been just wars?

Now Barack Obama,(AKA: Barry Soertoro) winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, hopes to command our military to weigh in with the French to support Syrian rebels, some of whom may be our enemies. Already the U.S. has spent over $385 million in aid to Syria but now we will give support to the rebels (see: Syrian civil war: link). Obama will entangle us in a further war, beyond the wars he has expanded in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lybia, and Iraq. There appears to be no end to his globalist desires to build the U.N. world empire. When will our Nobel Peace Prize winner start to wage peace instead of expanding global war?

Imagine if our nation no longer felt compelled to honor the U.N. blue helmets and blue flag of global tyranny. Imagine if our nation no longer spent trillions butting into other nations???????? civil wars and conflicts. Imagine if our nation no longer spent tens of thousands of American lives fighting unconstitutional, undeclared U.N. Peace Keeping wars and police action wars.

Imagine if there had been no 9-11 attack on the United States. The 9-11 attack on America was pure ??????blow-back?????? from the Desert Storm U.N. War, a war in which we attacked Iraq even though they had never attacked the U.S. We attacked Iraq even though they had tacit approval from our own state department to invade Kuwait. Since when were our borders Kuwait????????s borders? We justified our attack on Iraq because of a U.N. resolution. Imagine if we hadn’t attacked Iraq. (See: ??????Blowback, the Costs and Consequences of American Empire?????? by Chalmers Johnson link)

Imagine if our leaders felt they needed to obey the Constitution instead of acting without legal power as world Cops. (see John Kerry, Secretary of State justify ignoring the Constitution: link). Since when did Americans vote to have our country act as the World Cop for the corrupt U.N.? Since when did we give our leaders a blank check to wage U.N. war on an eternal basis without declaring war? Since when did we agree that leaders such as secretary of state Kerry could ignore the Constitution to wage war without approval from Congress or without a declaration or just in support of a U.N. resolution? Imagine if we changed this. It hasn’t always been this way. And, it doesn’t have to be this way.

As a conservative, and as a supporter of the U.S. Constitution, I am against all the undeclared U.N. peacekeeping wars, U.S. supported U.N. police actions, U.N. nation building, and other acts of empire building that our country has and is involving itself in. Bring our troops home. Stop making enemies of much of the world????????s population. Let????????s mind our own business and protect our own borders from the invasion happening here at our Southern border.

Imagine if our country was no longer killing innocent men, women and children around the world. Imagine if we began to lose fewer of our returning soldiers to suicide due to guilt from their involvement in unjust wars and violent acts of undeclared war.

Since the U.N. was founded in 1945 it has been involved in almost constant war around the world, building a global empire and a new world order or new world government. It has used the U.S. as its primary military force. (See this link for a list of the MANY wars it has fought: link ). The cost and the death toll of these many wars are staggering. The U.N. is not a peacekeeping force; it is a constant war making force.

The U.N. has waged 63 peacekeeping missions (mostly wars) as of February 2009. That effort escalated in the 1990????????s. As the U.N. becomes more and more powerful it seeks to dominate and subjugate more and more countries and it seeks to bend the world to its awful will. The U.N. Charter, a document written primarily by a communist, allows this carnage to escalate in support of the effort to make every knee bow to the powerful emerging world government. Globalist empire building nations, communist nations, and terrorist nations around the world have sanctioned this U.N. carnage and supported these attacks on sovereign nations.

The U.N. poses as a ??????charitable?????? organization, just as socialists pose as ??????charitable?????? people. When we dig deeper we see that their charity is based on stealing from one group to give to their friends, and is intended to usurp power that they don????????t legally enjoy. Tyranny almost always wears the same face, regardless of the scale it operates on.

Imagine if the trillions we spend on U.N. wars were used to secure our U.S. borders, build our country, and develop our own energy independence. Or, better yet, imagine if those trillions were just used to reduce taxes in America. What would that do for our economy? Can you imagine?

Imagine if the trillions Americans spend on U.N. wars were used to pay down our national debt. Can you imagine how much interest that would save American taxpayers who have become slaves to this mountain of debt? Imagine our Federal government climbing out of the bankruptcy it has created through all these U.N. wars. An enemy hath done this to our nation.

Imagine a rebirth of the foreign policy that we used to enjoy in America before the U.N., a policy that did not allow for the routine intervention into the wars, and civil wars of other nation states. I????????m not saying U.S. intervention never happened before that, but since the creation of the United Nations our nation has been almost continually engaged in U.N. or other international peacekeeping wars or police actions—and yes, I include Vietnam and Korea in these since they are simply more globalist, internationalist wars. (See this timeline: link )

Imagine if all the young American men and women who have been slaughtered fighting for the establishment of a new world empire had not been killed. Imagine if we avoided tens of thousands of American deaths by bringing our troops home now. How much American suffering might have been avoided? Would we have fewer enemies today? Would there be fewer terrorist attacks on America and Americans? Would we feel safer in the world? Imagine if we had allowed other countries to fight their own wars and their own civil wars; how might have things been different for the United States? Imagine if we had not ever gone to war without a declaration of war from Congress, as the Constitution requires. Imagine if we had obeyed our own Constitutional law.

If the U.S. had not bankrupted itself supporting U.N. wars, would the U.N. have been able to wage all these bloody wars? What would be the status of the United States today if it had never joined the United Nations and spent trillions in support of foreign aid and globalist wars?

Imagine peace breaking out in America. Imagine no more U.N. War. Imagine if we no longer shed American blood and bankrupted our nation to support eternal U.N. Wars. Just imagine.

Ron Paul ??????IMAGINE?????? FOREIGN POLICY RON PAUL 2012:


See: “Obama, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Expands War” link


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