Imagine if all schools (including universities) were privatized

Imagine if all schools (including universities) were privatized. Here is a most interesting article on the DC School system that helps explain some of what is wrong with government schools and how government is not the answer: http://thenewamerican.com/culture/education/11114-washington-dc-school-system-spends-18000-per-student

It is fun to imagine these types of changes and results of those changes:

1) We could end the property tax; and return property rights to owners (no more threats from governments if you don????????t pay your property taxes that they????????ll steal your property). Can you imagine owning your property rather than paying rent (property tax) to the government every year on that property? (see: https://www.area-info.net/articles/show.php?cty=Providence&st=Utah&article_id=1825)
2) When property tax no longer funds the schools, then schools can be funded by tuition, donations, fees, endowments, bake sales and other types of fundraisers. This will increase parental involvement. For some ideas about alternatives to Property Tax visit: http://www.empowerthetaxpayer.org/main/
3) The schools would have to compete for funds which would improve their performance and results. Reputation and results would matter. Can you imagine that?
4) The government(s) could no longer dictate the curriculum to the schools (a government curriculum full of things the parents do not support could be jettisoned!)
5) Our children would graduate better prepared for life, for work, for higher education. Can you imagine that?
6) Private schools would be able to: have God in school, teach freedom, teach American Values, end the teaching of globalism and environmental extremism and socialism.
7) Private schools could sell ownership shares to parents. Imagine the parental involvement in schools if parents owned the schools. Wow!
8) Those schools that want to teach socialism, globalism, statist philosophies, envy, secularism, environmental extremism, etc. can compete with those that teach free enterprise, freedom principals, math, English, computer science, the Constitution, religion, etc. I wonder which would win in the marketplace. I have my opinion. Imagine if parents could have a voice in what was taught instead of having to kowtow to government and to the extremist teachers unions. Imagine if there were thousands of private schools and none of them allowed unionization. Imagine if there were no tenure.
9) We could require those using the schools to pay for them, rather than shifting the cost of education to property owners. That????????s a novel idea???????let those who receive the benefit pay for it. What gives government the right to shift costs to the property owners anyway?
10) We could allow the customer (students and parents) to decide where they want to the children to attend school. Can you imagine having freedom of choice, another once great American tradition? Can you imagine what it would mean to have the freedom to choose?
11) Teachers and administrators would compete in the free market. That competition would improve the quality of the teachers and administrators. Can you imagine what this competition would do to the quality and work of teachers? I????????m not saying there are no good teachers. I am suggesting this is a way to get more of them.
12) Children would be prepared for life, for work, to compete in the market place, and to honor freedom and other values held by their tuition paying parents.
13) Children would be held accountable as teachers and administrators drive for improved results.
14) Schools might start to operate year around to compete for students. That would make our students more competitive with those from the rest of the world.
15) Teachers would have to prove they are worth a raise by improving their results. Imagine being held accountable for results.
16) Incompetent teachers would be dismissed. They could do yard work, flip burgers, or something else for a living instead of wasting the time of precious children.
17) Children would have to qualify for the best schools. Perhaps this is the most important result of all, the children would actually start to feel some motivation to perform well. They would be accountable.

There are many other reasons to privatize schools. Let the best teachers receive the best pay and let the best schools (those with the best results) become the most sought after. Let them compete for students.

“In the hands of the state, compulsory public education becomes a tool for political control and manipulation — a prime instrument for the thought police of the society. And precisely because every child passes through the same indoctrination process???????learning the same ??????official history,?????? the same ??????civic virtues,?????? the same lessons of obedience and loyalty to the state — it becomes extremely difficult for the individual soul to free himself from the straightjacket of the ideology and values the political officials wish to imprint upon the population under its jurisdiction. For the communists, it was the class struggle and obedience to the Party and Comrade Stalin; for the fascists, it was the worship of the nation-state and obedience to the duce; for the Nazis, it was race purity and obedience to the Fuhrer. The content has varied, but the form has remained the same. Through the institution of compulsory state education, the child is to be molded like wax into the shape desired by the state and its educational elite.” — Jacob G. Hornberger American author, journalist, politician, founder and president of the Future of Freedom Foundation Source: The Nazi Mind-Set in America, The Tyranny Of Gun Control, 58 (Future of Freedom Foundation 1997).

What would happen if we actually allowed free enterprise in education, health care, energy, farming, etc.? What if government intervention and meddling were ended in all those areas of our lives? Just imagine…… Freedom.

See also: http://www.humanevents.com/2012/09/26/stossel-strangulation-by-union/ and see: https://www.area-info.net/articles/show.php?cty=Providence&st=Utah&article_id=1825

See also: https://www.area-info.net/articles/show.php?cty=Logan&st=Utah&article_id=3353&t=The_History_Of_Public_Education See also: https://www.area-info.net/articles/show.php?cty=Orem&st=Utah&article_id=3072


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