Ichiban – Maybe?

Who would have thought that Logan, Utah could have three excellent Japanese restaurants? If you follow some of the reviews I share, you know that I like places that are a little off-beat and not the regular burger joint. However, there is a time and place for those as well. We had a business lunch scheduled and we wanted something a little different, so, it boiled down to Japanese or Mexican. The sushi won!

Just west of Main Street on 400 North, there is a small restaurant that doesn????????t look like much from the outside ??????? small sign, few windows and an unassuming door for an entrance. However, when you walk inside, you are met with warm, dark woods on the floor, sushi bar and tables. We arrived before the crowd, so we had our pick of tables. However, even with a crowd, the restaurant will only hold around 36 people.

After we had talked for awhile, we decided to order from the sushi menu and forego the regular lunch menu. There was perhaps 75 choices of sushi on the menu. Everything from the ??????84321 Roll?????? to ??????Salmon Ngiri?????? was available. With a combo (tuna roll, salmon ngiri and yellowtail tuna), unagi roll and a handroll, we were set to talk for the next hour or so.

By the time we left Happy Sushi, there were people at a couple of other tables and a few people who had ordered for take-out.
There is so much more available to enjoy. There is a full menu available for lunch or dinner with a range of salads to tempura dishes. It is a nice place for a productive business lunch, or even for a nice quite lunch or dinner with your significant other.

Is Happy Sushi ichiban? That is something you will need to determine for yourself. As for me, I am happy that we have three excellent Japanese restaurants to enjoy in Cache Valley.

Happy Sushi is located at 20 West 400 North, Logan, Utah (435) 752-1467.


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