Ice Cream in Layton: What Makes Frozen Custard So Smooth?

Once you????????ve had frozen custard, it????????s hard to go back to regular ice cream???????even premium ice cream. Frozen custard is so smooth, its creaminess defies description. You just have to experience it!

Here????????s what the Huffington Post has to say about frozen custard: “What is sometimes sold as frozen custard, but also fits in the category of ice cream, is maybe the richest kind of frozen dessert you can make. And when it’s the richest, you know that means it’s the best. While almost all ice cream is made with some combination of cream, milk and sugar, frozen custard adds in egg yolks to the mix essentially making custard that you then freeze. Since we all know custard is pretty amazing, you can be certain that freezing it for the summer months is nothing short of genius.

The only downfall to making a custard-based ice cream [at home] is that you have to actually make custard. It’s not that it’s difficult or terribly time-consuming to make custard, but it does require a little focus and a healthy dose of confidence in the kitchen. Combining hot milk to eggs without letting it curdle is an art???????”

Let????????s face it, that????????s not the only downfall to trying to make frozen custard at home! You have to get it just right. Popular frozen custard shops like Nielsen????????s Frozen Custard in Layton, Utah have secret recipes and special mixing machines that keep the custard at the ideal temperature. Care must be taken to ensure that the milk and eggs don????????t curdle and that harmful bacteria is eliminated entirely. This is a job best left to the professionals???????and this delightful dessert deserves the professional touch.

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