Ice Cream in Layton: Is Frozen Custard Really Better?

The Reader????????s Digest claims that ??????Joe Biden’s first gaffe when he entered Kopp’s Frozen Custard in Wisconsin was to call the frozen dessert ???????ice cream;?????????????? however, it also defines frozen custard as being ??????the same as ice cream except with a higher concentration of egg yolks, making the dessert richer. It can also be called French ice cream.?????? Nielsen’s Frozen Custard in Layton, Utah, calls it ??????premium ice cream.??????

So, yes, frozen custard is ice cream–but not just any old ice cream. It????????s the best premium ice cream you can imagine–the ice cream of your dreams, if you will. If you grew up with homemade ice cream made with custard, frozen custard can really take you back in time. The frozen custard at Nielsen????????s is probably even better than the custard of your childhood memories, though–and you can choose from nearly 60 mix-ins and combinations, like Oreos, raspberries, brownies or almonds.

Painted on one entire wall inside the Nielsen????????s in Layton is this platitude: ??????You can????????t buy happiness but you can buy custard, and that????????s kind of the same thing.??????


The most popular custard concoction at Nielsen????????s in Layton is the ??????concrete??????, described on the menu as ??????a very thick shake you eat with a spoon.?????? The most popular flavor? Caramel Cashew, hands down–and Cherry Chocolate Chip is mentioned several times in the following reviews:

??????Everybody will recommend the concretes, and they aren’t wrong. The thick-as-a-Kardashian shakes are truly tasty. What people seem to overlook, though, is the pure and simple joy of a vanilla custard cone. Whatever vanilla Neilsen’s [Nielsen’s] is using is powerful juju, and I approve.

They usually have at least one other flavor, made fresh each day. It’s worth calling ahead to make sure that you don’t get your heart set on vanilla only to find that they’ve [also] created some other devilish concoction like banana walnut or cherry chocolate chip. If that happens to you, though, you can avail yourself of the double-scoop and get one of each. I promise, it works. I’ve done it many, many times.??????

“The caramel cashew concrete cannot be properly described in words.”

??????If you don’t like Nielsen’s Frozen Custard then I’m pretty sure you have no soul and are a robot living among us humans. Nielsen’s is the most delicious, creamy, summertime treat that has ever passed my lips. I moved to Los Angeles a few years ago and even in a city as big as LaLa land I still cannot find a treat that comes close to Nielsen’s. My favorites are the cherry chocolate chip and raspberry concrete, but I’m fairly certain there is no bad flavor at this place.??????

??????OH MY HEAVENS. It’s no wonder this place is always packed. Smoothest creamiest creamiest creamiest… heaven in a cup. Or cone. Whichever you prefer.??????

??????Oh how I love the CONCRETE!!! Cherry Chocolate Chip, baby!! I came all the way from CA to have one and it did not disappoint!! THANK YOU!!!!!”

Technically, Joe Biden wasn????????t that far off when he called frozen custard ??????ice cream??????–but clearly, that doesn????????t even begin to do it justice!

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