Ice Cream in Layton: Good Help is Hard to Find

When you have the best premium ice cream for miles around, you want to be sure that everything else about your business is top quality, too.

Including the hired help.

It’s common knowledge that fast food jobs are often considered to be less-than-desirable compared to other jobs in the workforce; however, like all customers, fast food customers want to be served by happy, competent people who seem to love their jobs.

In an article titled “How to Make the Best of Working in a Fast Food Restaurant,” Wikihow writes, “Fast food workers are some of the most underpaid and overworked people in the service industry.”

Snagajob, an online job marketing site advises, “Forget what you think you know about fast food jobs”, alluding to the seemingly-common idea that working in fast food isn’t very satisfying. And, there’s a flip-side to that: getting good help is a dilemma for fast food restaurant owners across the country. It’s tough to find someone who will work hard, be scrupulous about cleanliness, completely abandon cell phones, websites and texting during work hours–and smile, smile smile.

A happy, well-trained worker is a pleasure for the customer. An unhappy worker could theoretically take the fun out of eating–even eating premium ice cream like the well-loved custard at Nielsen’s Frozen Custard. Well, maybe not all the fun. Eating really good ice cream will make almost anyone smile.

It turns out that working at Nielsen’s is something to smile about, too. The fact is, Nielsen’s owner, Brooke Bone, has overcome the fast food worker odds. The staff there is courteous, knowledgeable and helpful, adding to the relaxing, flavorful experience of eating there. Some employees who have worked at Nielsen’s over the past few months weighed in:

“The best thing about working at Nielsen????????s is the people. Brooke is great to work for; she????????s flexible and fair, ” said Ashley Graham.

“Yes,” said Dylan Gardner. “The best thing about working at Nielsen????????s is the people. The staff and the customers are all pretty chill.”

Said Tanner Walsh, “The staff is super-friendly and nice. There are quite a few regular customers who are super-nice, too.”

And this, from a customer: “The best thing about Nielsen’s is the frozen custard! Duh! Okay, the people here are great, too, and the other food is great. But the custard is the very best thing. It’s a little bit of heaven, especially the caramel cashew. Oh my goodness I could live here!”

How the workers are treated by other staffers and customers apparently makes a big difference in how the workers respond. At Nielsen’s, staff and customers are like one big happy family. Residents from neighboring cities often make the trek to Nielsen’s for a little mini-vacation and a big custard treat. And why wouldn’t they? Locals all agree: frozen custard at Nielsen’s is to-die-for.

Apparently, one secret to hiring good fast food help is to serve great ice cream!

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