HUB and Mike’s Pike Improvement Project Updates

Flagstaff ArizonaFLAGSTAFF, AZ – City of Flagstaff staff have resolved a recent permit issue regarding The HUB construction project and are also providing information about the scheduled Mike’s Pike Water and Sewer Improvement project.


HUB on Campus Project

The HUB contractors have removed the painted “No Parking” that was on the street at Mike’s Pike and the “No Parking” signs currently located on site have been appropriately permitted.  As a point of clarification, there were additional on-site parking stalls that were permitted and legally blocked by Team Fishel who were doing work for Century Link. The contractor for the HUB has completed the appropriate paperwork for the Right of Way permit they need to complete material delivery. The HUB development team as well as the contractor understand the need to follow City requirements. July 2018 is the estimated project completion date and City staff will continue to monitor the work site through the entire process.


Mike’s Pike Water and Sewer Improvement Project

The City of Flagstaff Mike’s Pike Water and Sewer Improvement Project is scheduled to start construction in mid-May 2017 and it is anticipated to be completed in November 2017. The Project scope includes replacement of aging water and sewer mains and services (built in the early 1900s), street asphalt reconstruction, and new curb, gutter, sidewalk, driveways, and streetlights on Mike’s Pike, and portions of Phoenix Avenue, Benton Avenue, and Kendrick Street. This project is funded by the City Utilities Aging Infrastructure Program and a contribution from Core Campus – HUB on Campus Project.


The Rio de Flag Flood Control Project main line culvert is planned to be constructed down Mike’s Pike Road in the future. Installation of the box structure will necessitate relocations of existing utilities that are in conflict with the future culvert. This project will relocate the water and sewer mains ahead of the construction of the Rio de Flag Project.


The Contractor is required to accommodate businesses during operating hours, keep a minimum one lane of traffic open at all times from6:00 am to 10:30 pm, and provide safe pedestrian access to buildings. Full road closures are only permitted from 10:30 pm to 6:00 am, which will keep NAIPTA transit in regular operation and help reduce impacts to the community. The City is aware that this project will impact the business and resident operations along the corridor and the Contractor and the City will work diligently to avoid and mitigate any issues that arise during construction.


For more information about the Mike’s Pike Water and Sewer Improvement Project contact City of Flagstaff Project Manager, Christine Cameron, at 928-213-2682 or email [email protected].

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