How your hair care routine should change in the fall

You may have noticed a slight dip in temperatures which means.. Fall is just around the corner! Naturally, fall comes with drier air, combined with cold winds, and hat hair. Which is the perfect storm for frizzy hair and split ends. Here are a few simple ways you can change up your hair care routine to maintain healthy hair throughout the entire year.


This time of year causes most of us to use more heat-activated tools that will cause all sorts of damage to your hair. This is a good time to add some high quality protectant products. Regardless, your hair will be more dry during the colder months. Adding a moisturizing hair mask to your routine 1-2 times a week will make a huge difference and your hair will thank you for it. Before applying the mask soak your hair in warm water to help open the hair cuticles. Not only will it help prevent split ends and breakage it will help condition your scalp, keeping itchiness and flakes away. 



If you have colored hair it may be a bit lighter from the long summer rays. Light shades fade as you spend more time indoors due to the cold. Consider going a shade or two darker to transition hair more evenly.Heat and friction from the fibers in hats can also cause damage, static and flyaways! Using oils, creams and sprays will not only protect your hair from heat but help keep things in place.

No matter what regular trims are  important. Sun exposure from the long summer can leave your hair damaged and fried. Talk to your stylist about cutting away your split ends or maybe even consider a fresh new style for this upcoming season!