How we benefit your business

You are probably seeing our name and wondering, “What is the Independent Stock Market?” Certainly, this is a valid question. Let us help clarify things for you.

The Independent Stock Market stands at the forefront of a new way to invest in small businesses. We understand that not every business or business owner has access to the kind of capital market funding as large, enterprise-level organizations. Our hope is to help level that playing field. What we do consists of multiple levels of support:

  • We provide access to equity crowd funding and potentially debt-free capital.
  • Your business has the ability to “go public” and receive access to funds not available elsewhere, based on merit rather than a complex financial instrument or rating agency.
  • You are opened up to potentially having your business featured on our TV show, “America’s Real Deal.”

You may be seeing this saying, “But wait, didn’t you say ‘go public’?” Well, yes, but through the Independent Stock Market, we offer a different way for small businesses to get access to the funding they need. Our mission is to broaden the marketplace in such a way that people are the primary component.

Gone are the days where businesses must rely on complex formulas and faceless investors in the hopes that they will receive the funding they need to see their business succeed. Here at the Independent Stock Market, we have added people-power back into the mix. Now, based on the merit of your business or idea, individuals from all over the nation can choose to invest in your operation.

We are a fully accredited and recognized stock market ready to list your business. Even better, we offer more than access to potential capital, we offer coaching, mentoring and assistance in seeing your concept go from thought to reality. Simply follow this link to learn more.


I have been involved with publishing and marketing for the past 32 years. My passion is helping people share their voice. I am able to do this through two important venues: One, with Area-Info.net where people can share everything from opinions to events to news. It is your choice! What do you want to share? Two, through a new program called America's Real Deal I am involved with to help business owners get their voice heard.I schedule speaking engagements with community groups and business groups to share my passion about the importance of "sharing your voice".Contact me directly at lee@leeeverton.com for scheduling information.

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