How To Prevent the Most Common Household Accidents

How To Prevent the Most Common Household Accidents

Accidents happen inside and outside the home. Some accidents are minor, but others can be pretty serious. While it can be difficult to stop any accidents outside the home, you can take steps to make your house a bit safer. Learn how to prevent the most common household accidents so that you can keep your family safe!


Did you know that falling is the number one accident that occurs inside homes? Fortunately, the majority of falls are non-fatal. But they can still lead to serious injury. However, even treating a minor wound at home should always be avoided if possible.

Luckily, there are a few ways you can prevent falls from happening in your home:

  • Mount handrails in bathtubs, especially for younger children and older adults.
  • Give your child protective gear like helmets and elbow pads for activities like bike riding or skateboarding.
  • Use double-sided tape on area rugs.
  • Clean up any clutter that someone could trip over.
  • Use non-slip mats in areas that can get wet, such as bathrooms or entryways.


Minor cuts are most common in the kitchen when preparing food. Of course, if you have small children, you should keep your knives secure with child-proof locks. And for the adults who use the blades, keep your knives sharp! Even though this seems counterintuitive, dull knives are more likely to slip off the object you’re cutting and injure you.


Of course, the kitchen is again responsible for most burns people suffer in the home—but it’s not the only place where this hazard exists. Check your water heater and make sure you set the temperature lower than 120 degrees. Hot water can scald you and your family. And always check your smoke alarm regularly to ensure it’s working correctly.


While you’re checking the smoke alarm, it’s always good to check your household’s carbon monoxide detector. And if you have children, you should always be diligent about keeping medications and cleaning supplies locked up and out of reach. Even items like detergent can be poisonous if ingested.

Most of these precautions you can accomplish in a single afternoon. Don’t hesitate to implement these changes. Knowing how to prevent the most common household accidents will give you peace of mind!