How To Increase Warehouse Efficiency

How To Increase Warehouse Efficiency

Some business leaders can look at a warehouse space and imagine dozens of ways to set it up. But when other leaders look at a warehouse space, all they see is a big room. Not every business person is an innately expert warehouse operator. However, every business leader that runs a warehouse should endeavor to improve its capabilities. If you want a crash course on some helpful warehouse tips, read on to learn how to increase warehouse efficiency.

Maximize Vertical Space

Instead of purchasing or building additional space, you can make the most out of the warehouse room you already have by maximizing vertical space. See if you can move in some taller storage units and use various shelving for different materials. You don’t want to fill a pallet with items that don’t occupy its entire space because they’re too small. Everything should fit into place.

Use Enabling Technology

A warehouse management system (WMS) can boost efficiency by recommending the optimal methods and routes for picking up or putting away items. By leveraging barcode or radio frequency identification (RFID), transactions can occur more accurately, and picking errors can decrease in frequency.

Get a Conveyor Printer

Unless you’re running a very small warehouse, you likely need more than a sharpie to code all your products. When you use an inkjet conveyor printer, you can efficiently slide product units against its face and watch as it prints the desired information. It may create barcodes, graphics, or lot numbers—whatever you need to track your products through the supply chain.

Cross-Train Your Employees

Of all the methods for how to increase warehouse efficiency, the one that most consistently improves a business is cross-training your employees. By teaching employees to handle tasks outside of their job description, you’re preparing them to pick up slack if one of their colleagues can’t do the job. This lessens the inefficiencies inherent in a limited staff. Furthermore, by expanding your employees’ job capabilities, you show them how they can grow within the company, drastically improving your retention.