How to find quality tools and ladders

Finding a good quality ladder and tools can be a challenge. Many ladders are not suited for specific tasks and can be unsafe. Make sure you follow a few guidelines before purchasing ladders and tools to ensure safety and quality.

Before going to your local hardware store, evaluate the task at hand. Will you need an extension ladder or will a simple step ladder do? Will you have someone there to support you or will you be alone for the majority of the time it takes to complete the task?

After deciding what kind of task you have or will have in the future, it????????s time to start looking. Skimping and cutting corners on tools may seem like a great way to budget, but you may just end up replacing them in the next few years. With tools and ladders, it may be better to put the money down up front than worrying if the tools will last through your next project.

If you????????re not quite sure what chores you will be doing on your ladder, an extension ladder with back support may be right for you. You can perform any task needed without the support of another person balancing the ladder.

When buying a ladder, make sure there are strong grips on the bottom. These grips could save you from taking a nasty fall, even if someone is supporting you.

If you plan on remodeling, investing in a large industrial ladder is a wise decision. Always look for a brand of ladder that offers a lifetime warranty. You may never use the warranty, but if the company is confident enough to offer the warranty, chances are the ladder will be structurally sound the rest of your life.

Tools are also an investment. If you plan on doing very little home repairs by yourself, then feel free to buy the cheaper tool sets. However, if you????????re more of a handyman and want to take on bigger projects, buy quality tools that will last a lifetime.

To find the best quality tools that will never be replaced, look for titanium. Titanium is usually more costly than forged steel, but it????????s significantly stronger and can take more than a beating. The lighter weight will allow you to do more with less energy. Titanium tools will last a lifetime and are a wise investment in your repair plans. However, they are extremely pricey and hard to find.

Always make sure you own a good monkey wrench. One monkey wrench with adjustable sizes will not only save you money and time, but will be needed on almost all do it yourself projects.

If you have any questions about home repair tools and ladders, ask an associate at Glenn????????s Electric.


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