How to Design a Great Logo for Your Brand

Your logo.  

Many consider a brand’s product as the sole king. That is definitely not the case. The perception towards your brand plays an equally bigger role in deciding its success or failure. And the design stance your brand takes contributes towards that perception. Therefore, it’s important to get your design right. And it all begins from your logo.

With convenience services like online logo makers, you might want to take a shot at designing your brand’s logo yourself. Well, the question is how do we make a great logo design?

Let’s go through some key considerations right away.

Key Considerations for Making a Great Logo Design Design Key Considerations for Making a Great Logo Design

Rule 1: Keep It Simple, Silly

The first and foremost thing is to create logos that are simple. Flashy designs can catch eyeballs, but it’s simplicity that nails the home run! Simple shapes, use of one or two colours, custom fonts (explained in point 3), and clear and crisp communication. That’s what your logo should aspire to do.

If your audience can understand your brand at the first glance of the logo, it’s a victory!

Understand the Brand and Its Aspects

It’s important to understand

  • What the brand does
  • What is its underlying philosophy
  • What problem does it solve for its customers
  • What is its personality — is it goofy or serious or youthful or what?
  • Who are its target audience?

Understanding these vital details will help you create a design that reflects what the brand is about, what is its cornerstone, who does it aim to serve and connect with, and what should it sound and look like.

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