How to choose the right Surge Protector!!!

Protect your equipment investment with surge protectors for your telephone lines and coaxial cables.
Why do I need a surge protector?
A surge protector protects your sensitive electronic devices from power-disturbance damage by absorbing excess energy, much like a sponge absorbs water.
Is it important to protect my
telephone line?
Yes. Surges can enter your home or office through telephone lines to harm and even destroy sensitive electronic devices, including your computer and stored data. Using a surge protector with telephone-line protection is the only way to properly ensure the safety of your telecommunications devices.
Why do I need coaxial-cable
Electrical surges can also enter your home or office through the coaxial-cable lines (cable, internet, cable TV). A surge protector with coaxial-cable protection provides the only way to ensure the safety of your audio video equipment and cable modems.
Why is the joule rating important?
A joule is a measurement of energy. The higher the joule rating, the longer lasting your protection.

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