How To Choose Jumper Cables for Diesel Trucks

How To Choose Jumper Cables for Diesel Trucks

Although they are a necessary purchase, people often do not know how to choose jumper cables for diesel trucks. You need high-quality jumper cables to get out of difficult jams. If you do not take the time to pick the right ones, you may be in trouble when your battery dies. Read along to learn what to look for in jumper cables for diesel trucks.

Wire Gauge

The “wire gauge” measures the thickness of a jumper cables’ wires. As a diesel truck driver with a powerful battery, you want a thicker cable. This will let more electricity pass through.

As the cable thickness increases, the wire gauge decreases. Therefore, the thinnest option tends to be a 10 gauge, but you are going to want something thicker for a pickup truck. Most diesel trucks would benefit from a 4-gauge jumper cable, or maybe 2-gauge if your battery requires more electricity.

Type of Clamp

When your diesel truck will not start, you will undoubtedly want a jumper cable with heavy-duty clamps. These clamps can securely connect to a battery from either the side or top terminals. Black cable clamps should also be heavy-duty so they can connect with a ground beneath your hood.

An advantage of the heavy-duty clamp is its large size means your hands are nowhere near the sparks generated by the jumpstart. To avoid high voltage shocks, make sure the clamps you purchase have securely insulated handles.


This detail can be easily overlooked if you do not fully consider the circumstances that may lead to a jump. When your battery dies and your truck grinds to a halt, you may not have fallen in the most ideal place. For instance, if you are next to a trough at the side of the road, the vehicle that would jumpstart you has nowhere to go except behind you, or back into traffic.

Though a 10-foot jumper cable is enough for vehicles when they are hood to hood, this may not always be a possibility. Therefore, an important rule of how to choose jumper cables for your diesel trucks is to pick a cable that is at least 15 feet long. This will give you the space needed to jumpstart your vehicle under less-than-ideal circumstances.