How Do You Feel About Political Correctness/Tolerance/Censorship?

Do we really know anyone if we are all saying the same thing? Isn????????t that what political correctness is all about? We all say the same thing; have the same opinion, so that absolutely no one is offended. We become a very homogeneous nation. Where did the melting pot go? Let????????s face it we have people who have come to the United States from every country in the world. They continue to come because the United States provides liberties that are not found in other countries of the world. Even some of the most beautiful locations around the world that we love to visit don????????t have the same beautiful liberties that we enjoy here. People come here for the opportunity and for the tolerant liberties afforded them. That is a point we shouldn’t forget.

Personally, I am glad that when I visit another part of the United States I am so glad that they are not like the place I live. If they were, why would I need to visit? Why would I WANT to visit? To bring that to a guttural level, why eat at Chili????????s in a new town when I have a Chili????????s in my town? Taste and explore the difference that every part of the country provides. Often, this might put you in the forefront of tolerance.

This thought stems from an article I read this morning about a graduation in South Carolina and a student who rebelled against the system of political correctness and gave an ??????off-the-cuff?????? speech that included the Lord????????s Prayer and a heartfelt thank you to his parents bringing him up as a Christian. The idea of the ACLU was to do away with an invocation at this event (and other public events in the city). This young man didn’t want anything to do with it.

This episode brings up the idea of tolerance, political correctness and freedom of speech. It also ties into the idea of people being individuals and not part of the pack. Can we be an individual in the United States and keep our individuality? Unfortunately, I believe that the path we are on as a country, the answer to that would be no. However, I think we need to correct this and explore and celebrate the differences that people have. Does that mean that on the personal level we need to accept the beliefs of one religion or another? Do we need to accept the way that some parents might raise their children? Do we need to believe that hunting is good? No. We can have our own opinions and even share those opinions. But, we need to let others have their opposing opinions and beliefs.

If you expect tolerance of your beliefs and values, shouldn’t you have tolerance for the beliefs and values of others?

If I tell you that I believe that the Affordable Healthcare Act will not do anything to improve the healthcare system in the United States, will you attack me as being uncaring and unknowing. Or, will you present to me the facts of why it will be the best thing since sliced bread and we can have a discussion?

If I tell you that I believe youth sports are out-of-hand and has taken the ??????family?????? out of family, will you attack me, or will you present me with your views of why youth sports are a great thing to society and we can have a discussion?

If I believe that our federal government needs an enema and we need to return to the basis of what the federal government was intended, will you attack, or will you present your opinions of why it is good the way it is?

I love to hear why people feel the way they do. However, that doesn’t mean that I will change my mind. Will I think about it in a different way? Most likely. Will I respect your opinion? Most certainly.


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