How Can You Get Ahead on Your Finances This Year?

virtual bookkeepingFinances are always a struggle. It always seems like there’s something new to worry about. It would be nice to not have so much to worry about, wouldn’t it? Well, if you get ahead on your finances, you won’t have to worry. How can you get ahead on your finances? Planning and not procrastinating. If you get on it now, you’ll find things go much easier for you. This is what Stapley Accounting, a financial company in Cache Valley, recommends.

3 Things You Can Do This Winter Season to Get Ahead on Your Finances This Winter

virtual bookkeeping, one of many new options accounting has thanks to software advancements1. Set A Date With Your Accountant and/or Bookkeeper

If there’s one thing that helps stay on top of your finances, it’s meeting with your accountant and bookkeeper regularly. Too many businesses only talk to their financial advisors when it comes time to pay taxes. The problem is that it forces them to do a lot of work all at once. This adds a lot of worry because you don’t know how long it will take to sort through everything.

The solution is regular meetings. If you meet quarterly (or even monthly), you’ll find that you’re always ahead of the curve. Your accountant will always know what he’s got to work with and will be able to get it done on time with little trouble.

2. Organize As You Go

Organization is critical to getting ahead. You need to plan and it’s hard to plan when nothing’s organized. You can get ahead by organizing your documents as you go. Have a system in place for where everything goes. Generally, the best way to organize is first by what the document is (expenses, exemptions, reports, etc.) and then by date. This way, you know where to go to find what you’re looking for. If you have this prepared ahead of time, when you need to gather the documents for your accountant, they’re all easy to find. The less work you make for your accountant, the faster and better job they’ll do.

a man checking accounting records for fraud

3. Take Advantage of New Tax Savings

The tax codes are always changing. One of the best ways to get ahead on your finances is to find the best way to file your taxes to save money on them. That’s a big reason why accountants and bookkeepers are so valuable to your business. Sorting through the tax codes takes time, however. You need to give them the time to go through it.

This is why the first two steps are so important. They give your accountant more time to find everything they need. When most, if not all, is already organized and reviewed, the bulk of the work is done and your accountant has more time to search through the new tax codes to find the best way to declare them.

Get Ahead Now

Don’t wait to get ahead. The longer you put off arranging your finances, the more work will need to be done at the last moment. If you’ve been working on organizing as you go and meet with your financial advisors on a regular basis, you’ll have most of the work done by the end of the year. That way, you’ll only have a couple months of materials at most to go over once the year ends. They’ll be able to get it done faster and have more time to find ways to save you money on your taxes.

The key is to avoid procrastinating. If you work on it continually throughout the year, you’ll find you never have a lot to do all at once. This makes it so much easier to get ahead.