How Area-Info Has Helped Us

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how much has helped our company.

Before we began publishing articles on Area-info our company had no understanding of how content would drive traffic to our website ( We had a Blog, we had a facebook account, we had a website, we had a google+ account. We had all of the social connections online that should have driven traffic and brought us higher in the google searches.. but nothing was working.

We decided to try Area-info for 90 days… The results were astonishing. After just two days of taking an article we already had on our blog and publishing it as a press release on Area-info we were suddenly the third listing down on google.

Thank you Area-info for all of your efforts and the efforts of your marketing team. We are receiving inbound calls from people finding us online… we thought this would take years of marketing to reach this level of success.

Sean Nathan Ricks – Marketing Manager
Ballard Flooring Removal Services
Logan, Utah


I have been involved with publishing and marketing for the past 32 years. I enjoy helping people find ways to share their voice. I have found ways to do this through the written word, articles and various media outlets. is an avenue to help everyone have a voice who wants a voice. If you have questions about how you can have your voice heard, I would be happy to schedule a time to consult with you.

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