House of Spices (HOS) Announces $250,000 Donation and an Additional $250,000 GoFundMe Campaign to Support COVID-19 Relief Efforts in South Asia

NEW HYDE PARK, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–House of Spices, the leading distributor of South Asian food in the United States, has announced a $250,000 donation and kickoff of an additional $250,000 GoFundMe campaign to support COVID-19 response efforts in South Asia. The Goal is to generate a total of $500,000. The GoFundMe campaign, #LaxmiCares, was started on March 28th, 2020. The funds will be divided between the Prime Minister National Relief Fund India, The National COVID-19 Relief Fund, Indus Hospital in Pakistan and Nepal Emergency COVID-19 Fund.

In announcing the GoFundMe campaign, Mr. Neil Soni, President of House of Spices, spoke of the company’s roots, its employees and partners based there. “There is no one today who has not been impacted by the COVID-19 virus. Entire South Asia is at the early stages and it is critical they get the resources they need to prepare for & manage this outbreak. The population is large and concentrated in cities and the medical infrastructure is limited.”

Mr. Soni also talked of the importance of coming together. “We are proud to join companies, volunteers, government agencies, doctors, nurses, and others who are trying to make a difference. That is the only way we will all get through this—by helping each other. USA is a Global Leader in Philanthropy and it’s our Duty to Help Nations & People that Help Support us in Our Everyday Life.”

House of Spices is also mobilizing its supply chain to make donations of Rice, Flour, Dals, and other food essentials within India.

House of Spices is headquartered in New Hyde Park, New York and is the parent company for the Laxmi brand of food products.



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