Honesty Still Found In Brigham City

Salt Lake’s ‘honesty index’ falls, BC still a shining example of integrity

Lori Hewlett – Box Elder News Journal – Published July 31, 2013

???˜???˜???˜???˜???˜While Salt Lake City dropped from first place in honesty last year, to 43rd in this year??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??s nationwide honesty experiment, Brigham City continues to shine as an example of integrity.

???˜???˜???˜???˜???˜The news of Utah??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??s fall from its top honesty-ranking came earlier this month when the beverage company HONEST Tea announced the results of its annual social experiment. The company set up kiosks in cities throughout the United States and offered their product for $1, but it was based on the honor system and no one was manning the locations to collect the money. Those who were honest placed a dollar in the clear collection box.

???˜???˜???˜???˜???˜Honest Tea found that on average, 92 percent of Americans paid the dollar, even though they thought no one was watching. But there were observers at each location who kept track of who did and didn??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??t pay, along with characteristics of participants, including gender, hair color and length, facial hair and whether or not they wore hats or sunglasses.

???˜???˜???˜???˜???˜According to an article on the website of the southern Utah television station KCSG, Alabama and Hawaii had a perfect score of 100 percent this year. Washington D.C. had the lowest at 80 percent. Louisiana, Arizona and Mississippi didn’t have large enough sample sizes to come up with a percentage. Salt Lake City ranked 43rd with 88 percent.

???˜???˜???˜???˜???˜So what’s all this got to do with Honor Copy in Brigham City?

???˜???˜???˜???˜???˜Ask Tom Fairbanks, owner of Honor Copy, the self-service copy center on Main Street. The business was founded with faith in people’s honesty and has been rewarded with success since the 1990s and is still going strong.

???˜???˜???˜???˜???˜In 2011 Fairbanks wrote a letter to the editor in the Box Elder News Journal shortly after buying Honor Copy from its previous owner, who founded the business in the 1990s. He expressed concern about people’s honesty. “I was not real sure about an ‘honor’ system for doing business, but the previous owners reassured us it worked in Brigham City.”

???˜???˜???˜???˜???˜And it does work. “…we estimate the honesty level at the center is somewhere in the 97 percent range.” Fairbanks’ letter stated. “I’m not too sure this would work anyplace else, but it works here in Brigham City. Honesty really does exist in the world today and our ability to continue serving Brigham City is a direct result of the integrity of the community.”

???˜???˜???˜???˜???˜With the down turn in the economy, Fairbanks said there has been a little drop in the level of honesty, but it it’s not across the board, just a small number of individuals.

???˜???˜???˜???˜???˜”I’m not comfortable trying it anywhere else. It is an anomaly,” Fairbanks said of Honor Copy’s success. “We have a unique situation. This is a very friendly, honest community. I’m still amazed at the level of honesty here.”

???˜???˜???˜???˜???˜Even so, the building is monitored through a security system. Fairbanks said it’s a good idea to help honest people stay honest. It may also help to deter some of the vandalism which has occurred over the years.

???˜???˜???˜???˜???˜Customers sometimes leave notes inside the payment envelopes they put in the drop box. There are many heart-felt, appreciative notes saying thank-you for the 24 hour service. Some notes say customers will “be back on Tuesday to pay” since they didn’t have any money at the time. Other notes remind Fairbanks that the ‘tree-runners’ are sprouting in the back parking area again.

???˜???˜???˜???˜???˜Other customers leave unintended items in the building. “You really don’t want to leave your private information in a copy machine. We find driver licenses, court documents, medical information and other information. Customers need to double check before they leave.

???˜???˜???˜???˜???˜At the conclusion of a telephone interview Monday morning, Fairbanks said his faith in Brigham City was reaffirmed that morning when he heard from the accounting office that the “numbers are back on track for Brigham City.”


— The Honor Copy is locally owned and operated by the parent company which operates as GraphiXpress Network and Cache Valley Print, both are located in Cache Valley and offer a full range of design, color and black & white (standard or wide format) copies & print, digital scans & archiving, direct marketing & mailings, administrative and other business services.


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