Hometown Drive Inn Pleases for 55 Years

Nearly every town has one ??????? a drive inn that is iconic for that town. Some change owners over time and others remain in the ??????family.?????? However, most have figured out why people like them. A combination of the hometown feel and consistently good food is what usually keeps a drive inn like this going for decades.

Bountiful has one of these drive inns that I have had the opportunity to visit on occasion. It is a place that families and business people like just the same. They have everything you would expect from the restaurants many of us grew up with, hamburgers, hotdogs, grilled cheese, fishwich, onion rings, fries, tater tots, limeade, and the ice cream for which they are well known.

This is not a drive inn that you get in and out in five minutes. They cook your burgers when you get there, so they are fresh and it takes a few more minutes. Don????????t get me wrong, it is only a few minutes, but if you are expecting the quickness of the place with the double arches, or others of that particular ilk, you won????????t find it here.

When I ate lunch here the other day, I had a great burger with a few slices of bacon and an order of onion rings. All of it was hot and fresh off the grill and out of the deep fryer. If you happen to be going through Bountiful, Utah and want to enjoy a nice drive inn style lunch at a place that is a throwback to a time a few years ago, then plan on visiting Pace????????s Dairy Ann.

Pace????????s Dairy Ann is located at 1180 South 500 West, Woods Cross, Utah, (801) 295-5192.


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