Homegrown Burgers on USU Campus

If you have been in a cache for the past several months, you may have missed the fact that there is a new burger place next to the USU Campus. It is called Morty’s Café and is right on the corner of Darwin Avenue and 700 North (700 East 700 North).

Morty’s Café is located on the main floor of a new, small apartment building with a great modern look and feel. The interior isn’t huge with just 7 tables. But, in good weather, there is a balcony that is opened for additional seating.

The menu choices are simple with burgers, fries, salads and sandwiches. So, there is a variety, but not an overwhelming choice.

I had heard about the burgers, so of course my first meal at Morty’s Café needed to be a burger. Also, I wanted to taste a burger that was made with local beef (and from a company that advertises local beef). The choice of the day was the Hawaiian Burger with a side of fries.  I was a little worried because I really don’t like burgers that are too sweet with the sauces. I would rather have a savory burger than a sweet one. So, the wait begins …

The burger and fries arrived at my table just a few minutes later. It could have been 7-8 minutes, but not an issue. With huge windows looking out over Logan and Cache Valley, the wait was pleasant. Also, the burger was cooked to order. None of the precooked stuff waiting for the next order at this restaurant.

The Hawaiian Burger was topped with a homemade pineapple relish, bacon, cheese, teriyaki sauce and some jalapenos. The fries were twice fried for extra crispiness and sprinkled with sea salt. Simple, but good. The burger had a nice mixture of salty and sweet. In fact, there was just a touch of “sweet” which suited my tastes.

The burgers start at $6.50; salads start at $4.25 and sandwiches start at $3.00. With Morty’s Café using local ingredients and as fresh as possible, I think the value is definitely there. And, it is worth a trip to try one of their signature burgers.

On the web: www.mortyscafe.com


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