Home Maintenance You Shouldn’t Neglect

Home Maintenance You Shouldn't Neglect

If you want to keep your home looking pristine, you need to conduct routine maintenance. It doesn’t take long for dust to accumulate or for gutters to clog. Therefore, keeping a home clean takes a lot of diligence. If you neglect essential tasks, the quality of your home will suffer, potentially leading to permanent damage. Here’s some vital home maintenance you shouldn’t neglect. Sift through this list to learn the ropes and prevent small problems from developing into larger issues.

Inspecting the Roof and Gutters

Take out some binoculars and look at your roof a few times a year. It’s best to do so before the winter and again early in the spring. Try to see if there are any cracked shingles. Every five years or so, you should hire someone to perform a roof inspection. You can also use a drone to inspect the roof’s condition. If you don’t attend to it, the shingles can grow harmful mold spores. Leaks can also pop up if you ignore roof maintenance.

Gutters are essential parts of homes for multiple significant reasons. So, keeping an eye on them is crucial. Your gutters can clog and cause water damage to your home. While it may be a pain, you should carefully use a ladder to clean your gutters. Leaves and other debris can easily find their way into gutters and storm drains. Remove any you find.

Caulking Windows and Doors

Caulk isn’t too durable, and it can deteriorate quickly. That’s why you need to keep an eye on the caulk sealing on your windows and doors. If there’s enough space, a bevy of unwanted guests can get inside, including water, air, dirt, and insects. If you spot any deteriorating seals, you should take immediate action by following these steps:

  • First, use a knife to scrape out the rest of the deteriorated or cracked caulk. Ensure that you scrape it all off so that you can start fresh.
  • Use a caulking gun to add a fresh layer of caulk to your window or door and create a seamless seal that has no cracks or gaps.

Conducting Washer and Dryer Upkeep

Your washer is at risk of forming mold due to moisture build-up. For this reason, you should leave the door open to dry it out in between loads. You can also periodically run a cup of vinegar through the washer to prevent mold. Don’t do this too often, though, as it can cause damage to the seals and hoses in your washer.

Most people know to clean the lint trap in the dryer after each load. However, few people are aware that they need to clean the exhaust hose and wall conduit as well. These both accumulate massive amounts of lint and can become significant fire hazards if left alone.

Now, you’re up to speed on the top home maintenance you shouldn’t neglect. Carrying out these tasks is relatively straightforward and incredibly beneficial to your property. By keeping up with them, you can keep your home safe from common hazards, such as moisture, mold, and more.