Home Cleaning Checklist for Northern Utah

4 Things You Should Get Done Before Winter

We often think about spring cleaning. After everybody’s been trapped in doors all winter, you want to give yourself a fresh start for the new year. Do you think about fall cleaning, though? If you’re about to spend a lot more time indoors, you probably want the indoors to be clean and comfortable, right? Of course you do. That’s why some local companies around Cache Valley recommend a few things. These are items you might not think of, but which can help your home feel more comfortable over the winter seasons.

The Home Cleaning Checklist

carpet cleaning1. Carpet Cleaning

Alpine Cleaning and Restoration recommends having your carpets cleaned at least twice a year. Once in the spring and once in the fall. Your carpet is a filter for everything that comes in on the bottom of your shoes. Dust, dirt, muck, allergens, diseases, all of these things get trapped in the carpet. While this keeps them out of the air, your carpet has a maximum capacity. If you don’t clean it out, it will eventually fill up and all that junk will go into the air, which will leave you coughing and sneezing whenever you walk across your carpet.

Dust and grime will also harden into sharp-edged crystals that will damage carpet fibers if left alone. These crystals won’t be cleaned out by just a casual vacuum, but will need a professional deep clean to remove them.

2. Air Duct Cleaning

You don’t often think about your air ducts, but it’s a good idea to clean them out. According to Easy Breezy Ducts, If you have properly installed filters on your HVAC system, you should only need to clean them out every two to three years. This will get rid of the dust, allergens and other things that build up inside it over time. These can get blown into your home, or clog up the filters, making your HVAC less effective and more costly to run.

dryer fire3. Dryer Vents

Easy Breezy also recommends checking your dryer vents. As you use your drier, lint builds-up inside. When your dryer blows hot air out, some of this lint blows out, too. While the filter is supposed to catch it, it may not get all of it, especially if your loads have a lot of lint. Over time, the lint builds up in the vent. Since lint is flammable and the vent is blowing out hot air, it becomes a fire hazard. Cleaning it out once a year is a good idea to keep your house and family safe.

4. Cleaning The Oven Range

Alpine Cleaning does a lot of fire restoration in the winter. They told us that they’ve been seeing more fires than usual this year. Since house fires tend to be more common in winter, they’re worried this might be a worse season than usual. Along with reviewing and following basic fire safety rules, they recommend cleaning your oven range. You’ll be doing a lot of cooking indoors and that means grease and oil might splatter onto the stovetop or oven.

I myself can verify this one, as a bit of oil from frying chicken caught fire on my own stovetop just a few weeks ago. When I removed the pan from the stove, it dragged a bit of splattered oil onto the stove, which burst into flames. Fortunately, I’d already turned off the oven and it was a small bit of grease, so it didn’t stay lit for very long. It could have been much worse, though. Make sure you get your oven cleaned out before you do too much cooking. Oven fires can be difficult to clean, especially if you burn meat.

Clean Up This Winter

These aren’t the only things you should clean out before winter comes, but they are ones you might overlook. Be sure to add them to the list. Cleaning out your home before winter will help you have a more comfortable experience as you spend more time indoors. Clean air will be good for your health. It’s easier to do these things before it gets too cold, so if you haven’t already, you should get to them soon.