Hire Shopify web developers in India to implement new features and maintain your eCommerce Shopify store

If you have an eCommerce store on the Shopify platform then there are various options for you for maintenace of your store. These comprise:

Options available for maintance of eCommerce Shopify store:

– Implementing the features on your own, or asking your staff.
– Preparing a scope document and seeking proposals to do the project on fixed price basis.
– Engaging freelancers available on freelancing portals to work for you.
– Hiring Shopify web developers in India to carry out routine maintenance tasks on your store on an hourly basis or a monthly basis.

The first option is not advisable because you neither have the time nor the expertise to do the changes on your own. The second option is also not suitable because the scope of work might change leading to change order requests and increase in project costs. The third option is not feasible because freelancers are not available all the time and if you engage with them once, chances are that they might be busy in future. In view of the above, the best option is to hire Shopify web developers in India.

Product knowledge and project knowledge are critical in eCommerce projects
Hiring Shopify web developers makes sense. Firstly they are experienced and secondly, the knowledge that they have acquired by working on your project is critical and handy to carry out the implementation of new features. They are already aware of the background and remember the work that they did last time and so can easily take it forward. Thirdly, they have vast knowledge of the Shopify products and so have the required skill-set to work on complex projects that require agility and innovation.

You need not spend too much time explaining the developers on the “Why” and “How” of the work. They are experienced enough to carry out the work based on simple outcomes that you want from customers who visit your store. In this way your valuable time and energy is conserved.

However, not all developers are of the same calibre and so you need to exercise care in selecting them.

Some pointers to keep in mind when you hire Shopify web developers in India:
– Review the web development company thoroughly. Check out facts such as:
• For how long have they been in business?
• What are their core services
• For whom do they work?
• What are their rates
• Can they handle complex projects and deliver on time?

– Check the Resume of the Shopify developers and if possible conduct an interview to check their technical and soft skills.

– Check their credentials by asking for references.
– Check their hourly and onthly rates and other contract terms.

For best results hire only experienced and well reputed Shopify web developers in India
Unfortunately most eCommerce stores running on the Shopify platform understimate this fact and keep using their own internal staff or working with unknown freelancers. By saving a few thousand dollars they lose their focus and therfore miss the sight of the bigger picture.

Experienced developers on the other hand bring innovative ideas and Out of the Box thinking to the table and thus can contribute very effectively to the growth of any eCommerce store. They are aware of the latest tools on the Shopify platform and can implement them quickly thus saving your valuable time and money.

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