HERO is on a Mission to Ship Five Ambulances to Haiti

HERO is a group that has been working tirelessly in Haiti for the past several years to provide needed ambulance services to the people of this Caribbean country. There are some critical needs in Haiti right now in the medical services arena and HERO is working overtime and still not able to stay ahead of the need.

HERO currently has the only ambulance available in the entire country of Haiti and they are raising money to get additional ambulances sent to Haiti and placed into service. Read through this and the Gofundme.com page to get all of the information and then share this with your friends and family.

Thank you,

The Editor


Dear Friends, Supporters, and HERO Members


The public CAN ambulance system here in Haiti (which was not highly functional and poorly equipped with little to no supplies or training) has been shut down for several weeks now.


There have been many disasters here, and this public system closure needs be seen and treated as a disaster in a still critical stage, requiring a response not only from our team but also from anyone who can spare a few bucks or send us equipment and supplies to replenish what we are using during this crisis.


HERO is on a Mission to Ship Five Ambulances to HaitiHERO is a private company that sells memberships to a 911 product, so the people who can afford it can be safer in Haiti with USA standard rescue teams on standby to help them, 24/7, no matter where they are or what the illness or injury is.


This membership program is how we fund the charitable work we do, which is split between serving the poor here and also serving the US Military veteran community by providing a platform for their continuing mission beyond their military retirement. This was all going fairly smoothly, with some bumps in the road to be expected when creating something this unique in such a difficult, unforgiving region.


However, with the public service STILL being closed, our charitable side is pushed to the max. We are committed to continuing the help we are currently providing to the hospitals and police during this closure while still maintaining our USA standard capability for our clients. However at this time we need to fund raise beyond our membership sales revenue in order to continue this service.


We currently need your help to cover the expense of shipping more ambulances here that will be put immediately to use in our unique Public-Private Partnership, including our plan to put the first NICU specific ambulance into service (this would be the first of its kind in the entire Caribbean, a huge step forward for Haiti).


Please go to our gofundme.com page: https://www.gofundme.com/ship-5-ambulances-to-haiti


Together we are stronger. We got this.


Respectfully, Stacy and the entire HERO Team

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