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I am trying to keep my articles as simple as possible. Therefore I reference everything I can. Remember always, that you have the right NOT to vote. This upcoming year will be very interesting to follow. You will want to watch Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney and Newt Gringrich. As far as I’m concerned, Barack Obama can call his days over. I don’t like the guy, and I don’t think many others do ~ as well. Look people, he hasn’t done a damned this he said he was going to do. Nothing.

We, had better get our act together as a nation. The Girl Scouts of America could better turn this nation. That, is not putting the Girl Scouts down, that is building them up. These people we have in office right now that were voted in by the American people need to all be spanked. They haven’t done a damned thing for us. What’s going on here? We have people wanting jobs, and they can’t find them. Educated people along with others, are sick and tired of the lies.

I had a debate tonight about voting. I believe American people reserve the right NOT to vote as well as they reserve the right to vote. Come on, look at the last election. John McCain and the bozo from Kenya? Who do you vote for, “Dumb or dumber?”

We screwed up, not look at where our nation is at. This is not a good position, folks. I tell you this from the depths of my heart. This country is in serious trouble.

You know what is really the pits, is that people like myself who have always been goof balled into thinking higher education would lead them to better jobs are basically out on the streets. Our parents didn’t know how to type or write, therefore, we learned. We also learned how to speak and stand up for the populace. Did it pay off? Well for certain, the people who voted those into office for the past 40 years didn’t do a very good job. Yes, it is the people who are to blame for letting these “ilk” get into office and screw all of our lives up. And you had better believe on the present course, your life is going to get screwed.

The cure for all this crap can be found here (as well as the evidence of what is going on can be found here:


Feel free to forward this information to everyone on your email list. After all of my research I find Michele Bachmann to be the strongest candidate for the presidency of the United States.

Thank you for reading,

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