Helping Transform Haiti Emergency Medical Services

Area-Info.net is helping transform emergency medical services in Haiti by helping HERO Client Rescue with many of their efforts. One of these is setting up a GoFundMe account to help the very first, First Responders group in Haiti with its volunteers. The group was founded by U.S. Military veterans who saw the need for an Emergency Response Team in Haiti to serve the country and also to serve the visitors and business people who are visiting Haiti.

HERO Client Rescue is providing needed Emergency Services in Haiti and providing peace of mind to people traveling to Haiti.

HERO Client Rescue has been serving in the country for the past two years, but needs to increase their efforts over the next two months. There is a huge interest from veteran paramedics, EMT’s and medical personal to visit and volunteer with HERO.

To accommodate this growth and interest from more volunteers, HERO has started a fundraising effort to purchase additional tools to outfit these volunteers and new local trainees in Haiti. The tools will be used when assisting people in emergency situations.
I want to see this group succeed in its efforts. They have been working nonstop to provide this service in Haiti. I believe that the minimum amount that GoFundMe allows is a $5 donation. However, if you can afford to donate a little more than that, it would be much appreciated by the founding veteran members of HERO Client Rescue.

Please visit the HERO Client Rescue page on GoFundMe to read more about this worthy cause. Also, please share with your friends. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me. I would be happy to answer them for you.
P.S. Following is a letter from Jordan Owen, a founding partner of Haiti Air Ambulance, who sees the need and the value of HERO Client Rescue.

To whom it may concern,
I am writing this to formally endorse the HERO program. I have been collaborating with HERO from the inception of the idea and believe in the value of the program.
As you may know I was the driving force behind the project Haiti Air Ambulance.
With my time and experience in Haiti, I have a first hand assessment of
the needs of the country and used that education and information to co-create
There are many Pre-hospital needs for the country as we all know and
HERO is working on a collaborative solution for some of these needs. An
Advanced Life Support first responder and transport service is one of them and
HERO is going to fill that gap. The program is not following the past traditions of
parallel efforts but that of integration and collaboration.
The leadership team has done it’s(sic) due diligence and has assessed the needs to
create a successful ground ambulance program within the country.
With the support of many knowledgeable and skilled technicians, businessman(sic)
and medical crew members both Haitians and ex-pats, this is a winning
program. HERO can provide safety and security to their members and at the
same time, help build the capacity and capabilities with it’s co-responders.
As HERO is a private, stand alone entity created to serve a client base, they will
be essential in supporting MSPP/CAN, Pompier, PNH and Haiti Air
Ambulance. The level of knowledge and abilities of their technicians will help
increase the level of Prehospital care immediately by offering a service that is
currently not provided from the MSPP/CAN. There is also a capacity building
component that I believe is essential, training Haitian technicians to provide
this service.
In closing, HERO needs your support in order to be successful.
This has to be a collaborative effort and HERO is working to integrate with each
of the responsible entities to make this program a huge life saving success.
Please feel free to direct any questions to me that you may have.
Best Regards,
Jordan Owen, EMT-P
[email protected]


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