HelloWorks Unveils Conditional Logic, Now Powering More Intelligent Document Workflows

Speed-Up Form Completion Rates and Improve Your Customer Experience
with Forms That Show or Hide Fields Based on Real-Time Inputs

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HelloSign today unveils an updated version of HelloWorks, the company’s
workflow automation product, complete with no-code conditional logic
functionality available to all HelloWorks users (free and paid) in the
form builder. This allows questions or information presented in a form
to dynamically change based on real-time input from form-fillers. In
addition, HelloWorks now offers shareable links, a new way to launch a
HelloWorks workflow to a group of participants without having to
explicitly send it to each individual. HelloWorks is built on the
HelloSign software platform that enables businesses to build, send,
automate and manage document-centric workflows. Customers using
HelloWorks today are seeing up to 3X faster turnaround times on
workflows directly related to revenue compared to prior methods in
addition to seeing completion rates of forms increase from 70% up to 96%.

To learn more about HelloWorks, visit www.hellosign.com/products/helloworks

The ability to utilize conditional logic is available inside the
HelloWorks Portal for all plans (free and paid), giving customers the
ability to add in conditional rules (if / then questions) with a few
clicks when building a HelloWorks form. The use of conditional logic in
forms makes it incredibly simple for HelloWorks customers to give their
users a delightful form-filling experience, even with sophisticated
workflows. With conditional logic, workflow builders can hide or
eliminate questions not relevant to their end-users with a few clicks.
For example, if an end-user filling out a HelloWorks form checks a box
signifying they are male, then following questions related to being
pregnant can be omitted from the experience. If that same end-user
answers a question signifying they are a smoker, then additional health
questions related to smoking can surface. This is particularly helpful
for forms like W-9s when there are multiple decision points that spark a
unique set of following questions or information (selecting “Individual”
vs. “Business” will trigger a very different set of follow up
questions). HelloWorks users can utilize conditional logic on any
workflow in the Portal, enabling their end-users to enjoy an abbreviated
and guided user experience in addition to increasing the completion rate
on business-critical forms.

Shareable links allow workflow creators to publish publicly accessible
links that can dynamically trigger a new workflow when clicked. This
allows HelloWorks users to make workflows available to a group of
participants without having to explicitly send it to each individual.
This feature comes in handy for single-participant workflows like NDAs
or waivers that are standard, often need to be sent to a large group of
people, but need to be filled out and signed by each person
individually. HelloWorks users can be assured that anyone who has access
to the shareable link will be taken to the latest version of the
workflow. HelloWorks customers can also disable the shareable link at
anytime if there is a time constraint associated with the workflow.

“The experience of filling out forms is incredibly frustrating because
the world took the paper and brought it to the internet — ie, PDFs. PDFs
don’t take advantage of web capabilities and are terrible on mobile
devices. HelloWorks changes this by allowing anyone to take advantage of
a completely reimagined approach to both how we design forms, and the
experience of filling them out,” says Joseph Walla, CEO and Co-founder
of HelloSign. “Adding conditional logic and shareable links to the
HelloWorks feature set aligns with our vision to make the experience of
filling out and signing documents dramatically more intelligent and up
to par with the demands of today’s businesses.”

HelloWorks is an intelligent workflow solution that makes it possible
for the first time to turn any document or form into a personalized,
dynamic experience for the signer. With HelloWorks, the experience of
filling out a form and associated workflows are completely reimagined,
presenting individuals with a streamlined form experience that only
surfaces information relevant to them, never asks the same question
twice and dynamically changes based on real-time inputs from users. This
delivers more power and flexibility than ever before to both the
individuals filling out the documents, and the businesses that receive

With HelloWorks, information that was once stuck in static PDFs can flow
to whatever systems, applications, and databases need it. The HelloWorks
experience is responsive, which means it’s easy to fill out required
information on any device. Complex and static workflows are made dynamic
with conditional logic, data validation, and the ability to plug in APIs
for real time look-ups. HelloWorks eliminates PDFs from processes
ranging from the simplicity of contract signatures to the complexity of
enterprise workflows, providing truly digital enterprise workflow for
the first time.

Benefits of HelloWorks:

  • Decreased Turnaround Time, Increase Speed of Business: Critical
    agreements and forms get completed up to 3x faster with up to 10x more
    accuracy than traditional eSignature.
  • Build and Automate Workflows with Ease. Simply drag and drop
    components from the toolbox to create a new form or map to an existing
    form. The HelloWorks portal empowers anyone to build document
    workflows in minutes without technical experience.
  • Data Validation. Prevent form signers from making errors by
    applying data validation to appropriate form fields. For example, if a
    social security number field is present, workflow builders can set a
    rule to make sure signers can only use numbers in that field.
  • Unlock Data: HelloWorks unlocks any form-filled data by
    eliminating PDFs, enabling data to flow freely into any desired system.
  • A Better Experience for End-Users : Recipients will no longer
    need to pinch and zoom on their mobile device to navigate through a
    tedious PDF. Instead they will get a personalized, guided experience
    with questions only relevant to them and will never be asked for the
    same information twice.

About HelloSign, a Dropbox Company

HelloSign simplifies work for millions of individuals. Over 80,000
customers world-wide trust the HelloSign platform – which includes
eSignature, digital workflow and electronic fax solutions with HelloSign,
and HelloFax
– to automate and manage their most important business transactions. For
more information visit http://www.hellosign.com.


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