Health Insurance Enrollment Starts This Week

The next round of 'Obamacare'/Individual Health Insurance Open Enrollment arrives this week.  Last year was a challenge with many technical issues with the website.  This year we expect more of the same with hopefully a few less hiccups during enrollment.  There are a few crucial things everyone needs to know about this year's enrollment:

-If you are currently insured through the federal marketplace and you need to login and reset your password.  We suggest doing this NOW before the rush to ensure you can login and update your plan when enrollment stops.

-If you are currenlty insured you have two options for next year:
       Passive Enrollment: Do nothing and your plan will continue subject to the adjusted plan rate and tax Credits
       Active Enrollment: Log in to your account and actively update your 2015 income, family status and personal information to ensure you are getting the best rates, tax credits and cost sharing amounts. 

We Stongley Suggest doing and ACTIVE ENROLLMENT! 

For any questions or help with enrollment consult a licensed, acredited agent who doesn't charge for their services.

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