Gun Control For Governments

Our government worries about trusting its citizens to be armed while it arms 27 additional government agencies and stockpiles huge caches of weapons and ammunition for the Homeland Security Department. Our government spends hundreds of billions on weapons in order to force other governments to comply with its wishes, yet it worries that those citizens who love the Constitution and have guns are dangerous. Of course, those citizens are only dangerous to a government that oversteps the limits of its authority and becomes a criminal government.

Over the last century we have watched over one hundred million people murdered by governments, but there seems to be little outcry for disarming governments. Somehow the anti-gun crowd believes governments can be trusted with guns (despite evidence to the contrary) while they believe citizens cannot be trusted with guns. Liberals don????????t apply the same rules to government that they wish to have applied to citizens. For some reason they believe the men and women who run government are better angels than the citizens of those countries that they preside over despite massive evidence to the contrary.

Governments routinely use the power of the gun to try to destroy all who oppose them. Historically this kind of tyranny has always existed.

Those on the other side of the issue believe governments need guns to protect citizens from invasion, but that governments with too much power can abuse the citizens. They believe citizens must be armed to keep government in check and to keep a balance of power within a country.

As George Washington warned, ??????Governments are force.?????? He understood that laws must tie down governments and power must be dispersed among the people to ensure a continuation of freedom. That is part of the reason he was so in favor of an armed citizenry. He believed power must be dispersed to the people in the form of guns in order that the people might protect themselves from a too powerful government.

Mao Tse Tung, the brutal tyrant that murdered upwards of 80 million Chinese in the socialist communist take over of China, remarked: ??????Power comes from the end of a gun.?????? He believed in totalitarian power enforced by government firepower. One of his first efforts in territories he conquered was to disarm the citizens so he could consolidate all power under government.

The socialist Adolf Hitler, and his contemporary, socialist Joseph Stalin, also worked to ensure their countries???????? citizens were disarmed in order to consolidate all power in the state. They also used government guns to murder and/or imprison any who opposed them. The socialists gave them this power while taking power from the citizens and turning them into subjects.

History is replete with examples of governments that disarmed citizens and then tyrannized them. Yet, those who have swallowed the liberal anti-gun propaganda cannot or will not acknowledge this history lesson. They want to be taken care of at any cost. They want to disarm those who might resist government plundering.

It is foolishness to believe that any government will be voluntarily disarmed or that it should be without the power to defend itself. But, it is also foolishness to believe government can be trusted when its citizens are made powerless.

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