Great Evening With Friends at Hapa Sushi Grill and Sake Bar

On a recent visit to Colorado, I met some friends for an evening and we decided to go out to a local restaurant to visit and get some great food. My friend????????s wife is from Japan, but she was still game to go out to a Japanese restaurant. It must be a good place to get the nod from a native who is also a great cook.

We took the short drive from Castle Rock to the Tech Zone in Denver to enjoy a late dinner of sushi and soup.

In this area, Hapa Sushi Grill and Sake Bar is surrounded by commercial buildings and apartments. I always find it interesting that when traveling to a large city, you can still find the “neighborhood feel” without there being fields and large lots surrounding you.

We were late enough in the evening (plus it was a Monday night), that there were no crowds. But, there were groups of people enjoying each others???????? company at tables in the restaurant. The atmosphere inside was a contemporary Japanese look ??????? simple, but elegant with touches of hardwood and glass.

We enjoyed miso soup, a selection of ngiri, pork gyoza, edamama and shumai. The shrimp and fish used for the ngiri was fresh and sweet. The gyoza was hot and tasty and the shumai came in a nice hot broth similar to the miso soup and hit the spot.

One of the things I like about sushi and Japanese restaurants in general is the quantities. There is enough provided to make you feel good, but not enough that you wish you could be done. Generally, when leaving a Japanese restaurant, I feel good and refreshed, not stuffed.
They have a great website with menu selections, online reservations and locations.

I can????????t wait to get back to the Denver area to visit Hapa Sushi Grill and Sake Bar again. There are four locations from the south of Denver to Boulder. When visiting, Hapa Sushi Grill and Sake Bar is located at: 2780 East 2nd Ave, Denver, CO, (303) 322-9554 (hapasushi.com)


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