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Transparency is extremely important to government entities today. Because of the importance of transparency, we are providing an easy way for communication departments to share information with their community.

Government Application to publish on Area-Info.net

Information that can be shared includes:

  • Press Releases
  • Community Events
  • Employee Highlights
  • Street closures
  • Festivals
  • News from the Mayor
  • Park Openings
  • Parks and Recreation Information
  • Plus, any other news you want to share with the community

Cities use Area-Info.net to publish information to reach community members in an increasingly effective way. Area-Info.net offers links to social media, improved visibility, archives and consistency.

Area-Info.net is a grassroots, online newspaper with real news from local news sources around the world. We have a growing network of news providers to keep people returning for real and local news as well as to read published articles from contributing agencies.

Benefits to publishing your city information on Area-Info.net:

  • Instant publishing
  • Include images
  • Include embedded video
  • Include links
  • Over 140 categories
  • Include keyword tags
  • Include alt tags for images
  • Indexed quickly (often within just a few hours)
  • Archived articles
  • Website authority
  • High page views
  • Manage articles
  • Measure article views

This service is provided to government organizations at no charge. If you are not a government agency providing community information, please do not complete the application.

Government Application to publish on Area-Info.net