Salt Lake City to Host Nation's Best Amateur Boxers for the Third Time
Salt Lake City, Utah, February 18, 2016 – Salt Lake City is set to host the 2016 Golden Gloves National Tournament â€‹of Champions.  Utah hosted this prestigious tournament in 2009 and again in 2013. "Utah has a rich boxing heritage," said Jeff Robbins, Utah Sports Commission president and CEO.  "The Fullmer â€‹brothers and Rocky Mountain Golden Gloves are instrumental to our boxing legacy and we are pleased to â€‹partner with them on the National Tournament of Champions."
The tournament will be held at the Salt Palace Convention Center on May 16-21, 2016.  300 of the nation's best boxers will compete, hoping to be in the ring on championship night.  The final night will feature 20 boxers â€‹in each of the 10 weight divisions. 
Cam F. Awesome, the 2013 Golden Gloves Champion, recently qualified for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, assuring Utah locals they will have the opportunity to watch Olympic-caliber athletes. 
Rocky Mountain Golden Gloves is the Golden Gloves franchise, which comprises boxers from the states of Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.  Utah Golden Gloves will have its state tournament on March 25-26 at the Sorenson Center in Salt Lake City.  The winners will then represent Utah in the Rocky Mountain Golden Gloves regional tournament, against winners from Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.  This tournament will
​ take​ â€‹place at the South Town Expo Center on April 29-30.

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