Gmob® Revolutionizes Email Addresses

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Local entrepreneur Joel Carson is about to revolutionize the email name game. The official launch date is June 1.

Imagine a program that allows people to standardize email addresses globally using their mobile phone numbers. That’s what Carson’s new program “gmob®” promises and the service is free.

Gmob® is not an email provider, but a service that works with your favorite email such as Gmail, MSN/Hotmail, Comcast and Yahoo to allow you to use sequential numbers in your address. Gmob® even works with company email systems. Nothing changes in the way an individual sends or receives email. Only the address is changed. Accepted file sizes are limited only by the email service provider. Gmob® works with any email platform.

“It can be very difficult to come up with a unique email address that’s simple, professional, easy to understand, and easy for people to remember,” Carson said. “Up until now, there has been no email service that allows you to use sequential numbers as an address. I really believe this will change the way we create and share email addresses.”

Electronic social and professional networking is increasingly popular. Carson said Gmob will make it simpler than ever for people to share contact information because, “If someone knows your mobile number they know your gmob® address,” he said. He expects the term, “ ‘Do you gmob®?’ ” to become common across the globe.

“A mobile phone number is something most, if not all of your contacts already have,” Carson said. More than 2.4 billion people have mobile numbers. “Typically people are already on the phone when sharing their email address. When telling someone your address you can simply say, ‘It’s my phone number at gmob®.”

Although a user may change email service providers, the gmob® address remains the same. The user simply notifies gmob® of the change. This is an easy way to switch without having to notify and re-notify contacts.

“Gmob® is the first to guarantee you will get an email address based on your mobile phone number,” Carson said.

To try Gmob®, text the word “gmob” (no quote marks) to 32323. The service will also be available on www.facebook.com/DoYouGmob and the website www.gmob.com.


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