Global Warming Causes an Increase in CO2, Not the Other Way Around

Everyone who has been sold on the idea of “global warming” being caused by an increase in Carbon Dioxide produced by man needs to watch the video shown below. You’ll notice that many scientists believe that warming is part of a natural cycle and that Humans have nothing to do with it. Climate change has been continuous for the entire history of the world. Warming and cooling are part of the norm.

The fact is that global warming, which is caused by natural solar cycles, causes increases in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It’s an 800 year lag between the two.

The United Nations is creating fear about human caused global warming in order to take control of you and your property. It is part of their strategy to rule over you.

Please take time to read “Climategate” by veteran meteorologist, Brian Sussman. It will open your eyes.

The IPCC is a fraud. It is using fear created by false science and outright lies to help the U.N. control you, your property, and your life. It will take your freedom too.

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