Global Remote Vehicle Diagnostics Market Shares, Growth and Forecast Research 2018 to 2025


Remote Vehicle Diagnostics Market: Introduction
Remote vehicle diagnostics provide real time assistance/information of the vehicle to compare its performance against the benchmarks. The rising technology penetration in automobile such as the incorporation of internet of things (IoT) and telematics are helpful for the driver to communicate to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to
have real time assistance in need. The telematics system is connected to the ECU and sensors which collects and sorts the data extracted from the vehicle which then communicates to remote server regarding any kind of failure occurred within the vehicles. It also suggests the type of action that needs to be taken.
The remote vehicle diagnostics market is anticipated to have significant growth over the forecast period majorly owing to the development of automated and electric vehicles, which have initiated the need for report vehicle diagnostic solutions for safer journey.
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Market Dynamics:
The rise in demand for electric, hybrid, and connected vehicles will proportionally increase the need for remote vehicle diagnostic systems, as they are embedded in them to ensure safe travel. These vehicles are equipped with connected sensors that provides the OEM real time assessment of the vehicles such as battery, door locking, health details and complaint statistics. By this real time data, manufacturers or service providers would able to provide accurate services required for the vehicles. For instance, Harman International offers ‘The Vehicle Health & Diagnostics Dashboard Solution’, a platform to determine the real time insights regarding the vehicle’s health and quality, which thereby renders the operational costs, accident liabilities and lesser response time to issues.
However, the connected vehicles have more threat to the cybercrimes which is at present a notable issue for the remote vehicle diagnostic market. This will further be attributed with the additional cost of services, thereby deterring the market growth.
By Vehicle Type:
Remote vehicle diagnostic market for commercial vehicles is anticipated to have a major share in the global market, majorly attributed by the benefits offered to fleet management providers coupled with increasing need for diagnostic services, along with the introduction of fleet management systems. For instance, Volvo offers Truck Diagnostic System which is PC based diagnostic software solution. It is designed for the fleets US07, US10 or US13 Volvo trucks models.
By Connectivity Type:
Bluetooth-based remote vehicle diagnostics market is projected to lead the global market over the projected period, primarily owing to the increasing number of in-car connections, between dashboard and various connectivity devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. According to a study by Insights and Reports, the total shipments of bluetooth systems in the year 2017 was nearly 760 million, which includes in-car systems, wireless headsets and wireless systems. The demand to embed the features such as navigation, infotainment and diagnostics inside the vehicle, has enhanced the demand for bluetooth-based remote vehicle diagnostic systems, which will further drive the market in the coming years.
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Regional Insights:
Asia Pacific remote vehicle diagnostic market is anticipated to grow over the fastest CAGR over the forecast period, owing to the up-surging sales of the electric vehicles, particularly in China and Japan. According to the International Energy Agency, China witnessed an approximate sale of over 5,80,000 electric cars in 2017. The rise in the electric car market would result in the emergence of the remote vehicle diagnostic
market, to have insights pertaining to the remote vehicle operations coupled with direct communication with owner and service providers.
Competitive Landscape:
Numerous companies in the market are competition with each other in order to provide better solutions and services for the remote vehicle diagnostics. In 2017, Bosch offered an innovative Predictive Diagnostics software solution which monitors, estimates and shares the results from the components and vehicle systems. The output data from the connected vehicles faults can be predicted and fixed on timely basis.
Key players in the market are Robert Bosch GmbH, Delphi automotive, Continental AG, Harman International, OnStar Operations, Mercedes Benz, Magneti Marelli and several others.

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