Global In-vitro Toxicology Testing Market by 2022: New Research Reports Offers Market Opportunities and Threats Faced by Key Vendors

Industry Insights

Global In-Vitro Toxicology Testing Market size was worth USD 20.2 billion in 2014 which is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of more than 10.8% over the forecast period rising predilection for innovative technology over the traditional in-vivo tests is predicted to promote the demand for in-vitro toxicology tests.

Moreover, the enhancing R&D investments in cell culture over the past decade such as hepatocytes in the drug development pipeline which offers fresh human hepatocytes isolated from resected and whole liver tissues for the analysis is accountable for the projected growth.

Modification in regulatory authorities for toxicology analysis using in-vitro studies as an alternative to in-vivo studies is accountable for driving the demand in the coming years. Moreover, the presence of animal welfare organization that deal with the replacement and reduction of animals’ application for R&D and pre-clinical tests are accountable for the lucrative adoption of in-vitro toxicology studies amongst researchers.

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Besides the foremost concern of ethics, more disadvantages of animal testing such as high cost, the requirement of skilled labour, and time-consuming procedure are attributive for the shift from conventional methods to innovative methods. Alternative methods such as computer models, cells & tissue cultures, and alternative organism which can substitute animal studies are anticipated to drive the market through to 2025.

Furthermore, the growth of toxicology catalogues for in-silico tests are expected to fuel market progress in the coming years. Extensive government funding coupled with reimbursement policies for the development of technologically advanced and automated instruments for ex-vivo and laboratory analysis is predicted to augment market stability. However, unavailability of immune stimulation and immune testing are anticipated to obstruct the growth to certain extent.

Method Insights

The largest share of market revenue was accounted by cellular assay due to the availability of in-vitro toxicology techniques for pharmacokinetic reporting. Moreover, nowadays’ early detection of toxicity in the drug development process is the trend which is an important parameter mandatory for human cell-based in-vitro prototypes.

Technology Insights

The largest share of revenue was accounted by cell culture technology due to significant improvement in cell line production and cell culture techniques. Moreover, forthcoming advances in genome sequencing field affecting to toxicology analysis are the factors which are anticipated to drive industrial progress.

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Application Insights

Systemic Toxicology is the major application which contributes in revenue generation to the largest extent because of higher preference by clinicians for intravascular drugs administration which boosts systemic toxicity to relatively larger extent.

Dermal toxicity is expected to register substantial growth in the coming years. Side-effects of products on skin and drug-drug interactions are the factors that drive this market through to 2025.

End-use Insights

In 2016, the largest share of approximately 35% was accounted by pharmaceuticals due to application of such studies for analysis of generic modified and innovative products are high in pharmaceutics.

Recently, PETA International Science Consortium Ltd. declared that it will offer all the equipment to laboratories working on human-relevant models to substitute the application of animals in inhalation testing. This is anticipated to aid in the adoption of these tests thereby supporting industry and regulatory scientists to gather information without animal model implementation.

Regional Insights

In 2016, the largest share of approximately 45% was accounted by North America due of availability of favorable government initiatives for development several laboratories in the particular region. Furthermore, animal welfare organization also contributes to the adoption of these testing methods.

Furthermore, the fastest growth is accounted by Asia Pacific over the coming years because of increase of government incentives for private and academic research work and augmentation of healthcare organization thereby aiding in the adoption of this technology.

Competitive Insights

Major entities functioning in the market include Alere Inc., Eurofins Scientific, Cyprotex GE Healthcare, Charles River Laboratories, Covance, Sigma-Alrich, Catalent Pharma Solutions and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Participants are indulged in the advancement of software solutions so as to augment in-silico simulation procedure for toxicological studies. These entities are also involved in enhancing the share by collaborating with clinical research organizations and penetrating untapped regions across the globe.

Market Segments

End-use Outlook (Revenue, USD Billion; 2014 – 2025)
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Cosmetics & household products
• Diagnostics
• Chemical industry
• Food industry

Technology Outlook (Revenue, USD Billion; 2014 – 2025)
• Cell culture technology
• High throughput technology
• Molecular imaging
• OMICS technology

Application Outlook (Revenue, USD Billion; 2014 – 2025)
• Systemic Toxicology
• Dermal Toxicity
• Endocrine Disruption
• Occular toxicity

Method Outlook (Revenue, USD Billion; 2014 – 2025)
• Cellular Assay
• Biochemical Assay
• In-Silico
• Ex-vivo

Regional Outlook (Revenue, USD Billion; 2014 – 2025)
• North America
• U.S.
• Canada
• Europe
• Germany
• UK
• Asia Pacific
• Japan
• China
• Latin America
• Brazil
• Middle East and Africa (MEA)
• South Africa

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