Global GPS Tracker Market: 2018 Consumption Analysis, Emerging Trends, Competitive Insights and Future Development Opportunities till 2025


Ground Positioning System Technology is globally used to identify the exact location of other mobile entities and vehicles. Information of the mobile objects can be captured in a central control unit and can be stored in the tracking device. GPS system uses radio, cellular modems containing the tracking device and satellite. Devices equipped with GPS can be used to track the location of movable objects. To position the object on a map the device’s location uses geometric coordinates. The current trend for market growth is in commercial vehicle which is helping in the growth of the GPS system, as they are easy to carry and small in size and this may develop the market further. There is requirement of GPS tracking machines for various functions like Government, Gas & Oil, Mining & Metals, Logistics & Transportation, Construction and many more will make a market for GPS tracking machines.

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New functions of tracking by GPS are growing in Western Europe. Use of GPS tracker in laser aimed flash is a different concept which was successful after testing. Such regions of functions are getting developed which needs to come into the light. For example, in June 2017, police force in Waterloo, Belgium cast-off the tracker of GPS to capture the truck. The police force established the laser aimed flash as safer substitute to hunt. This technology was developed for the initial time.

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The GPS tracking market is divided into geography, type and application.

  • Geography: Spread across LAMEA, North America, Asia Pacific and Europe.
  • Type: Segmented into data pullers, covert GPS trackers, data pushers and data loggers.
  • Application: Divided into Transportation, gas & oil, defense & aerospace, mining and many more.

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