Global Dental Care Market Size (Volume and Value), In-Depth Analysis of Types and Regions 2017-2022

Global Dental Care Market is expected to grow on account of technical advancements in association with health awareness amongst the people over the next seven years. The technical advancements in the field will lead to the reduction of the turnaround time of the dental treatments and will also result in the increase of the efficiency of the dental practitioners. Dental care is majorly related to oral hygiene and dentistry. Oral hygiene includes removal of dental plaque and tartar so as to prevent cavities, tooth decay, gingivitis and gum disease which majorly results in the tooth loss. Treatments in dentistry include restorative which deals with crowns, bridges and fillings, prosthetic which deals with the dentures, endodontic therapy which deals with the root canal, extraction of teeth, periodontal therapy which is a treatment for gum. The major drivers of the market are the dental patients, research and development sector and the dental practitioners in association with the biotechnologists.

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The increasing use of technology include the usage of 3d imaging techniques Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). Developments in the field of tissue regenerative materials and dental biomaterials are enabling the dental practitioners to provide a more natural and long-time dental solutions. The increasing health awareness is stimulating the growth of the oral hygiene products like toothbrushes, tooth pastes and mouthwash. Market segmentation of dental care market can be done on the basis of the dental and the oral care products available in market which may result to be profitable for the pharmaceutical industry as well. The dental care market is very well adopting the digital dentistry which in turn is also stimulating the growth of the information technology sector and reaping benefits in association with the healthcare industry.

Growing healthcare sector is majorly found in various countries including Latin America, Brazil, India and China. In these regions there is a high health awareness and also great health related issues due to which the dental care market experiences profits.  Healthcare industry in India is expected to have a growth exceeding US$250 billion by 2022. Growing health issues have led to an increased demand to healthcare services also which are cost efficient. The government is also taking initiatives to promote investments in healthcare sector infrastructure in a short time. In Latin America a large population is ageing fast as the region reaches the apex of demographic transition which results in the accelerated increase in healthcare expenditures. It is being forecasted that no substitutes for dental implants will emerge in the next ten years and also that group practices are expected to increase in next seven years while single owner practices are expected to decline.

The Major Players in global Dental Care Market include

  • KaVO Dental GmbH/Kaltenbach & Voigt GmbH
  • Planmeca Oy
  • Siamdent Co.,Ltd
  • Sirona Dental Systems GmbH
  • Takara Belmont
  • A-Dec, Inc.
  • Pelton & Crane
  • J.MORITA TOKYO MFG.CORP. and many others 

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The drivers for the dental care market is that the cosmetic dentistry is expected to increase in the forecasted year, the technological advancements are resulting in the reduction of the chair markets, the implants are expected to have an increasing acceptance, the image-guided surgery is also expected to boom. The opportunities for the market is that the Asian markets has got a huge potential, a new surgery is getting a boom in the market which is named the dental bone graft substitutes, gloves are known to be the first line of defense hence glove powder may also experience growth.

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