Global Agricultural Drones Market Size, Share, Trends, And Forecast 2016 To 2022


International agricultural drone markets are poised to achieve significant growth with the use of cameras on stable flying platforms that are used to help implement precision farming. Crop visualization lets farmers’ better control and isolates areas for spraying and lets the drones do the spraying. An agricultural drone deploys automated process to make farming more fertile. Drones provide better, more flexible visualization. Smart drone agricultural works with cameras and provide the hope of trillions of dollars in farming economic development.

Agricultural drone technology has outreached a level of maturity that has put these systems at the cutting edge of farming modernization. Farmers everywhere in the world are transforming to drone availability, using aerial cameras to visualize plants. Venture investment in agricultural drones has been strong. Investment of enterprise capital in agricultural technology start-ups extended $2.06 billion in the first half of 2015, 4.25 billion in 2015 doubling the amount of capital invested in this area in 2014. Agricultural drones leverage the Internet of things (IoT). IoT assists sensors to supplement images of the land from above, making it feasible to communicate and utilize analytics to perceive changes in vegetation. The worldwide market for agricultural drones is $494 million anticipated to reach $3.69 billion by 2022. The complete report gives a comprehensive investigation of drones in different categories, illustrating the variety of uses for remote flying devices in farming. Analytics makes the images more convincing to farmers, letting them foretell problems that only become visible to human farmers days or weeks after the drone images detect issues.

Companies Profiled Market Leaders: Yamaha, DJI, AeroVironment

Market Participants: AgEagle, Airogisitic, Airware, 3D Robotics, Aeryon Labs, BlueSKy, Boeing, China Aerospace, Intel / Cyberhawk Innovations, Draganflyer, EHang, Finmeccanica, Flirtey, FT Sistemas, Google, GoPro, Gryphon, Hobbico, Hubsan, Prox Dynamics, Proxy Technologies, HUVRData, Delair-Tech, Denel Dynamics, DJI, LLC, Intel, Ascending Technologies, Israel Aerospace Industries, Japan Drones, L-3 Communications, RUAG Aerospace, Safran Morpho, Schiebel, Secom, Skycatch, Sky-Futures, Parrot/senseFly, Roketsan, Yahama, and Yuneec


Table of content:

  • Agricultural Drone Executive Summary
  • Agricultural Drone Market Driving Forces
  • Agricultural Drones For Crop Surveillance
  • Drone Agricultural Investigation, and Planting Aerial Systems Market Share
  • Agricultural Drone Market Forecasts


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