Glendale Unveils Electronic Message Boards for City Hall and Council Chambers

GLENDALE, Ariz. – The city of Glendale has a new way to let residents know about things that are happening where they live.  Electronic message boards in both City Hall and City Council Chambers have replaced the single bulletin board that used to be at the entrance to Council Chambers. The new boards use digital technology to display events, agendas and meeting notices such as details regarding City Council and Board and Commission meetings. 

 “Electronic message boards are a giant leap forward in the way we now provide information to our residents regarding public notices,” said Glendale City Clerk Julie Bower. “Before, space was limited so the notices had to be kept small which made it difficult for the public to read what we posted. With electronic message boards, there is greater transparency to residents because notices are continually scrolling with new information, so there is more information presented and the larger format makes it much easier to read.” 

    The boards also help the city clerk’s office increase work efficiency.  “With the electronic message boards, changes can be made from our office desks by using our computers rather than having someone on my staff walk to the Council Chambers to post a new notice and remove the old notice each time there was a change,” Bower says. 

 Glendale’s IT Department helped the clerk’s office with the project including finding the digital signage software and programming the boards.  “As we become more familiar with the software, we could offer more informational content on the boards and we could even stream the Council meetings live,” said Bower

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