Give the Socialists Their Due Credit

You????????ve got to give credit where credit is due. In the last century the socialists of the world have achieved amazing things. We need to give them credit for those things. Socialists are known for their pride. They might read the achievements shown below and swell with even more pride. Don????????t they believe they are the smartest people in the world? Aren????????t they, indeed, very crafty people?

There are different flavors of socialists. There are fascist socialists, communist socialists, and many different sub types. Socialists through out history have gone by many names. The different types of socialists have certain things in common. They love to control others, they love to redistribute the wealth of others (steal and plunder), they relish the reception of unearned benefits and plunder, they are happy to spread lies to achieve their ends, and they routinely destroy those who resist them or those who they would plunder. Aren????????t they often true terrorists? These seem to be universal traits that are shared by socialists in many countries worldwide.

Here is just a taste of a few of the exceptional achievements of socialists in the last century.

Chinese socialists under the reign of their revered leader, Mao Tse Tung, were responsible for murdering an estimated 45 to 80 million of their countrymen who had the bad fortune of being too rich or of disagreeing with them. The socialists took ownership of all property (monopolist capitalism). These were amazing achievements of unimaginable murder and theft. In just the four years from 1958 to 1965 Mao????????s socialists murdered 45 million Chinese people in his ??????great leap forward??????. Don????????t the Chinese still take over and plunder other countries around them? Don????????t the elite Chinese socialists live like kings at the expense of the populace? Aren????????t they the true terrorists? Let????????s give the socialists credit for these amazing achievements.

The Leninist/Stalinist socialists in Russia killed upwards of 35 million of their countrymen who didn????????t agree with their demands. They stole property, lands, and lives. This was a breathtaking achievement of theft, murder and torture on a grand scale. They were true terrorists. Let????????s give the socialists credit for these amazing achievements.

Of course, we cannot forget the National Socialist regime of Adolf Hitler????????s Nazi Germany. Haven????????t many people in America forgotten that this was a socialist ideology and a socialist political movement? They were able to start World War II that killed an estimated 78 million to 200 million people. These socialists stole property not just from their own countrymen, but also from every country around them. Estimates of the people Hitler????????s socialist cronies murdered in death camps alone range from 12 million to 20 million. Let????????s give these socialists credit for where their policies led them and for their astonishing achievements. They burned, raped, murdered, and plundered across Europe for years. They were true racists, and terrorists. They committed political suicide and destroyed their own country as a result of their actions. When they were done, they tried to blame all the crime on Hitler as if he had done these things alone. They have received, and they deserve, credit for these atrocities and for the terrible results of their murderous reign. Let????????s give the socialists credit for these things. Isn????????t that one of the few things they earned? Did they also earn their own destruction?

The Cambodian Socialists were able to murder and pillage on a grand scale under their liberal, socialist, communist leader Pol Pot. As Pol Pot imposed his radical form of agrarian socialism on his country he killed an estimated 1 million to 3 million of his own people. This mass murder was out of a national population of just 8 million. What an amazing achievement! Aren????????t pride, greed, hate, jealousy, and covetousness strong motivators for the socialist mind? What amazing achievements these traits spawn. Let????????s give credit to these socialists for their astonishing achievements.

This is just a taste of the amazing achievements of the socialists and their globalist cronies during the last century. Haven????????t they also destroyed many economies worldwide? Today aren????????t they destroying France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Great Britain, and the United States to name just a few? Haven????????t they done many similar things in many other nations? Don????????t they continue to destroy real freedom and human dignity and happiness for billions of people worldwide?

Today the American Socialists work under labels such as progressives, liberals, democrats and even Republicans, known as RINOs (Repubican in Name Only). These socialists seek to control their neighbors through myriads of horrible laws and regulations, to plunder the wealth of their neighbors through programs of forced redistribution of wealth, to label those who resist them as racists and terrorists, to persecute those who resist them using the full force of the IRS and other government agencies, and to enjoy the plunder of unearned benefits derived from the many social programs they have created. They have not yet imprisoned, tortured or mass murdered those who resist their remorseless rule. But, lets give them credit; aren????????t they moving in that direction?

Let????????s give the socialists in America credit. In America today the Socialists have armed or are arming 27 different departments of the federal government. They have purchased enough weapons, tanks, and bullets for the TSA alone to wage a major war against its own people. Just a few years ago there was not a TSA Gestapo or Homeland Security force. Now aren????????t these forces huge, organized, trained, armed, spying on us, and exercising their power daily? Haven????????t the statists and socialists in America already begun persecuting specific conservative groups and individuals who have resisted their dogma and policies? Haven????????t they taken over the schools and, with Common Core, and other programs aren????????t they turning these schools into a new form of Hitler Youth institutions? Haven????????t they already subverted and taken control of most of the health care industry through Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare? Haven????????t they grabbed massive influence in the energy industry through the Department of Energy and the EPA, the agriculture industry through the FDA and other agencies, and practically every other area of American life? Together haven????????t they created multiple Czars to increase the reach of the totalitarian American government they are creating? Haven????????t they involved the U.S. in building the new global empire of the U.N? Haven????????t they run up trillions in debt and committed the U.S. to a staggering ~$200 trillion of unfunded social commitments? Let????????s give them credit for the amazing destruction and bankruptcy of America, the destruction of its laws, and of its traditions.

Let????????s not forget the trillions that big government social welfare heroes like George Bush and Obama have used to bail out banks and businesses. Isn????????t crony capitalism just another form of socialism where those in power decide where the wealth goes? Isn????????t it amazing how the socialists reward failure and criminal acts with gigantic bailouts? Didn????????t they take trillions from the middle class to give to the banksters and the bankrupt companies of their friends and to support the socialist unions? Isn????????t this gigantic achievement of socialists? Let????????s give credit where credit is due, to the socialists.

And while we????????re at it, don????????t the socialists deserve credit for the bubbles in the economy brought on by manipulations of the currency, false interest rates, interference in the markets, and policies that favor one investment or one company over another? Don????????t they deserve full credit for the unemployment, the foreclosures, the bank failures, and the terrible economy? Don????????t they deserve credit for growing the number of people on food stamps to over 45 million today and for making tens of millions of Americans into dependents? Don????????t they deserve credit for monetary inflation that has diluted the dollar and led to ever escalating prices? Hasn????????t the monetary inflation or Quantitative Easing been used to finance the gigantic deficits created by the utopian social programs created by the socialists among us? Give credit where credit is due, to the socialists.

Don????????t the socialists in America seek to establish an unarmed citizenry in order that there can be no substantial resistance to their totalitarian rule? Don????????t they seek to control the media, and to shut down any effort to communicate information that might discredit their teachings and policies and programs? Don????????t they cover up their mistakes and the mistakes of their cronies? Don????????t they try to spin all their bad deeds and failures? Don????????t they organize together to rob their neighbors using the power of government?

Don????????t the socialists in America seek to destroy freedom of speech and of religion? Have you noticed that they hate Christianity because it doesn????????t agree with their avarice, their covetousness, and their theft? Doesn????????t it seem that they seek to destroy property rights and that they seek all power? They are driven by greed, a hunger for the property of others; jealousy, covetousness, and hate of those they define as ??????rich??????. They want what they want at any price so long as they don????????t have to pay it. They take no thought to tomorrow. Like children, they expect others to prepare to take care of them. Above all, don????????t they believe they are entitled? Wouldn????????t you say they believe they are entitled to free food, free education, free healthcare, free housing, bailouts, freedom from prosecution, freedom from obedience to Constitutional law, the right to rule in total power, and freedom from God????????s laws? That is their definition of freedom, a definition that differs greatly from what American????????s have traditionally understood.

Socialists do not count the cost. They only see the things they want and the things they don????????t want. Historically, socialists have created a culture of murder and death. Socialist policy eventually leads to a practice that dictates that if someone is inconvenient, just kill him or her. Not only have they perpetrated many genocides and mass murders worldwide, but they wage war on children as well. Socialists often stand behind the effort at forced population control and abortion. In the U.S. the liberal socialists among us have been able to abort over 45 million unborn children. Isn????????t this number is an impressive achievement in innocent spilled blood? Does it make you sick? Let????????s give credit where credit is due.

Socialists are sometimes seen to fight each other. For instance Hitler????????s National Socialists persecuted the Communist socialists in Germany as they fought for control of the nation. Hitler won. Then he attacked the Communist socialists in Russia in order to take control of them. He miscalculated. His socialist greed and hubris did him in. Stalin proved to be the more powerful socialist. Purges among the ranks of leadership are common among totalitarian socialist regimes too. Have you noticed how socialists like Hitler and Stalin and Mao murder so many of their subordinates? Don????????t they trust their comrades? Let????????s give them credit for infighting and betrayal, shall we?

Socialists in South America, Africa, Cuba, and many other areas of the world have also achieved bloody takeovers; plundering on a mass scale, total control of a populace, mass murder, and escape from prosecution. Doesn????????t their ??????success?????? teach and encourage other populations of emerging socialists the world over to go and do likewise?

The death camps of the Nazi socialists are well known. Less known are the killing fields of Cambodia, the Gulags of Russia, and the murder camps of China. The extent of their murder is beyond imagining. Add to this carnage the many slave labor camps and other persecutions perpetrated by socialists and the destruction is staggering. The normal human mind cannot conceive of such atrocities. Many socialists have not only accepted these things, but have participated in them. Did you know that there are many who even glory in such slaughter?

Haven’t the socialists been able to subjugate and enslave over a billion people in China, Germany, Russia, Cambodia, Vietnam, and dozens of other countries? Haven’t they turned the taxpayer in the United States into their involuntary servant too? Let’s give credit where credit is due, socialists are great at subjugating people and turning them into involuntary servants and slaves. (See: Are You An Abolitionist?– Link) Let????????s give credit where credit is due. The socialists of the world have truly accomplished huge things. Maybe, they????????ve even done some good along the way. Once in a while they get something kind of right (just like a broken clock tells the time right twice a day). When socialists busy themselves giving away other people????????s money to their cronies, they help their cronies, but do they consider the pain they cause for those that they plunder? Shall we give them credit for that pain?

Don????????t socialists love to worship their murderous heroes such as Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Che Guevara, Castro, Evita Peron, and dozens of others? In America socialists such as Obama, the Clintons and others are worshipped as saviors. The socialist, like a child, looks for a benevolent parental figure to support him or her with free stuff, to think for him or her, and to tell him or her what to do. Socialists either wish to have total control over others or to be told what to do, like children or sheep. Among the socialists, don????????t the megalomaniacs rise to the top? Isn????????t that what we????????ve seen historically?

Some socialists will study socialist propaganda deeply in order to justify their selfish, covetous, hateful beliefs. Doesn????????t it seem that they are ??????Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth??????? Aren????????t they ??????tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive??????????????

Even now, in America, aren????????t our children being programmed by the media and the socialist public schools taught to love big government and to believe in the lies that it tells? Isn????????t the forced ??????redistribution of wealth??????, formerly known as theft, taught to the children to be a virtuous, charitable undertaking? This lie, along with many other lies, are taught to our children in our schools and on our TVs.

There are countries such as the U.S. where socialism is in bloom but has not fully matured. The terrible consequences of early socialism have not yet reached a full harvest. In time the full harvest will appear as people always reap as they sow. In time the socialism in the U.S. will blossom into a terrible fruit. Hasn????????t it already destroyed much of the economy, brought many bubbles, caused lots of unemployment, destroyed the purchasing power of the dollar, hurt tens of millions of people, destroyed our freedom, run up trillions of dollars of debt, killed millions of unborn babies, and divided Americans? Do you believe that is the full fruit of the harvest or is there more to come?

Although socialism has failed around the world, countries full of fools still embrace its failed dogmas. Socialists either fail to learn from history, study lies, are simply evil enough to deny truth, or don????????t care. Let????????s give them credit for that.
Socialism wears a similar face around the world. It emerges over and over again. It is very difficult to eradicate once it gets started. It recruits the greedy, the covetous, the avaricious, the evil, and the ignorant. Isn????????t any criminal enterprise essentially a socialist enterprise? Isn????????t government socialism just organized crime on a larger scale?

Be not deceived. Any honest student of honest history can only be amazed, shocked, and horrified by the bloody, immoral accomplishments of the world????????s socialists. Let????????s be sure to give them the credit they are due. Then, let us resist them with everything we have before they plunder everyone we love.

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