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If you have travelled between Logan and Smithfield at any time during the last several weeks, you have most likely noticed a new little restaurant just south of Fisher Home Furnishing. There have been a couple of restaurants there, but I wasn????????t able to get to them before they closed.

When I noticed Mo???????? Bettah Steaks, I thought I better stop and try it before I missed my chance. The restaurant was clean and had a slight feel of the Hawaiian Islands. Hey! If it is cold outside and I can find a little warmth in a restaurant, I am going for it!

The menu includes steak, chicken and pork with small and large portions. It is a bit reminiscent of Pounders on the south side of Logan. There are choices of combinations and single items. It took me a few minutes to decide what to try.

I ended up trying the Teriyaki and Pulehu Steak Mix. This had two types of steak, sliced thin and very tender. It came with rice and macaroni salad. The Pulehu Steak is tender and is like a slow-smoked brisket. Personally, I enjoyed the flavors of the meats.

The people were friendly, food warm and the restaurant clean. Good things in my book. Prices ranged from $5.50 for a small pork plate to $18.50 for a pound and a half of steak. If you wanted you could get in and out for under $10 bucks.

This is a nice fast food alternative to some other fast food places in the valley. Give it a try. I believe that you will like Mo???????? Bettah Steaks.

Located in North Logan at 2095 North Main Street, (435) 787-8870. (


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