GermanGenealogist.com sets several new research milestones

Since just 2010, Lynell Pierce Sala, co-owner of GermanGenealogist.com, has singloehandedly cracked 4 matriarchal German research lineage cases. This, from a lady who does not speak German!

But, since 1994, she has worked with her husband, Karl-Michael Sala, a 30-year German Genealogist who, since 1979, has found thousands of digital data, documents & images on thousands of ancestral family members for hundreds of clients.

Who is this couple? Karl is the very 1st person hand-picked for the short-lived, but highly successful Paid Expert Ancesty.com Research Line (PEARL). From clients, coaches & colleauges, many from Ancestry.com, Karl has 63+ endearing endorsements on Linkedin.com.

Lynell was the second person selected. Why? Becuase they had an 80+% success ratio in finding what Ancestry.com subscribers could not find. This would preserve a subscriber from cancelling.

When that close-knit team was tearfully disbanded, Karl became THE primary German Genealogist who fielded the majority of the German research-oriented emails & phone calls FROM Germany.

When that service, too, was terminated, Karl created GermanGenealogist.com. This website has been Search Engiune Optimized (SEO’d) since 2008! Need proof? Search “German Genealogist” on Google & YouTube. YouTube will have GermanGenealogist.com #1 also for “German Genealogy”.

This all pertained to various European genealogy research cases: Germans who lived all over the globe from Aachen to Argentina to Austria.

In 2010, GermanGenealogist.com acquired its largest client retainer ever. Karl & Lynell Sala had stunning success on each of the four difficult cases. These were done for just one client who wanted to obtain a German Passport. The countries of success: Germany (2); Lithuania (1) & Poland (1). The specific locations needed to be pinned down, parishes ascertained, etc.

In 2011, GermanGenealogist.com acquired a client whose orders surpassed the one from 2010. For him, a former director of Deutsche Bank, Karl & Lynell Sala found–in less time than ever–hundreds of new ancestral family members in numerous Catholic & Lutheran parish microfilmed registers of Baden, Bayern & Württemberg.

This case, too, needed to have pinned down the precise parish of origin. This was found on a very difficult-to-decipher photograph of an unidentified photograph of a family gravestone: Altenburg (no, not the big one; a small one neare Lindau in Bavaria). Then, the persons’ names on the gravestone had to be ascertained & identified. Using the Altenburg Catholic parish registers, this was handily accomlished.

Then, the Salas had success with 5 other Poland lineages. Especially notable was that a previous German Genealogist did not find what Karl found in just 2 hours. The client wept with joy more than once.


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