GEICO Says These 5 Tips Will Add to Your Holiday Safety

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GEICO urges you to remember five things that could add up to a safer
season while you’re out running errands for the holidays:

  • Cover your packages: Holiday shopping takes time, and you
    wouldn’t want your efforts to end up in the hands of thieves. Keep a
    blanket or drop cloth in your vehicle to cover valuable items
    purchased on shopping trips.
  • Lock your doors: Take a moment to make sure all car doors are
    locked before getting absorbed in smartphone notifications and other
    distractions. Unlocked vehicles become easy targets for thieves.
  • Prevent parking lot perils: Parking lots get more crowded this
    time of year, and drivers need to pay close attention to pedestrians
    and other drivers. The mall lot isn’t a racetrack – drivers should
    always take their time and remember to yield at all crosswalks. Keep
    distractions from your smartphone, the car’s infotainment system and
    other passengers at bay so you don’t miss someone trying to cross.
  • Tie down your tree: Use strong rope or ratchet straps to
    properly secure your Christmas tree. Consider researching how to tie
    common knots so you’re prepared ahead of time.
  • Clear your car: If you encounter winter weather during holiday
    errands, take time to clean snow and ice off your car to maximize
    visibility. Keeping the car’s roof clean also prevents large chunks of
    snow and ice from flying off and striking other vehicles.

For more safe driving tips all year long, visit GEICO’s Safe
Driving Resources

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