Gazebo At Discovery Pond Found Structurally Unsound, Set For Demolition

CHEYENNE – Last week, City of Cheyenne officials inspected the gazebo at the Botanic Gardens Discovery Pond and found it structurally unsound. The area around the gazebo – also known as Peanut Pond — has been cordoned off.

According to the City’s Risk Management Office, given the age, wear, and apparent lack of support foundation on the entire structure, they do not believe the structure can be saved in a cost-effective manner. Plans for demolition and to replace the structure are forthcoming.

About Discovery Pond

The Discovery Pond opened in 2001 and was initially funded by an anonymous grant with matching grants eventually totaling $300,000. The site was redeveloped and dredged eight feet to support a healthy fish ecosystem which led to the creation of a native wet land habitat on the west side. The redevelopment became a community-wide effort with the help of local sixth graders whose interpretation and artwork of the area is displayed via bronze plaques. A sign on the north side of the pond about non-game native fish was created by a local Boy Scout while the Wyoming Game and Fish Department stocked the pond with non-game native fish. Prior to the area’s redevelopment, the site was a foul-smelling, one-foot pond that did not abundantly support a healthy fish ecosystem.


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