FWISD, Chamber join on ‘Where the Best Begins’

The Fort Worth ISD and the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce are joining, through a series of virtual discussions, to examine how education and industry can work together to better meet the needs of students.

These industry-focused sessions will allow business and education leaders to collaborate on ways to employ strategic partnerships and to ensure that the future workforce in Fort Worth is developed from within the community.

FWISD Superintendent Kent P. Scribner emphasized the importance of partnerships at this juncture. “Industry, education and city government have quickly pivoted in response to COVID-19, and now is a prime time to bring everyone to the table to discuss and plan next steps. We all have challenges to overcome and we all have needs that must be met to ensure success and prosperity for Fort Worth. We can accomplish more to impact our future workforce by working as partners than by acting alone.”

The individual sessions continue through June 4. The outcome of the eight sessions will be a larger virtual summit on June 25, “Fort Worth: Where the Best Begins.”

The virtual summit will offer opportunities for representatives from participating industries to gather and share perspectives and plans for workforce development.