Ft. Hood is Still an Unsafe Environment

Reports are coming in of 15 wounded and four dead at Ft. Hood, Texas from what appears to be a single shooter. There is speculation that he's a Muslim, but nobody knows at this time.

We are at war with Muslim people in the Middle East. It should be no surprise that one of them has attacked one of our largest military bases in what now appears to be a suicide attack. He managed to kill at least three people before he apparently killed himself.

It's interesting to note that he wounded or killed fifteen people and nobody was able to defend themselves. It appears that nobody was armed or able to shoot the shooter before he shot himself. If he hadn't shot himself who can guess how many more defenseless, unarmed people he would have killed.

Disarming people and putting up signs that say "firearms are not allowed" does not make innocent people safer. The only thing that makes them safer is to make sure they are armed.

Ft. Hood was attacked by another Jihadist about five years ago. This is not a new experience for Ft. Hood. Apparently they didn't learn much from the first attack. No doubt they have created a "weapons free" environment where only the murderers are armed. They are free to kill at will in the killing field created by disarming the people who live and work there and by making them defenseless.

Had any of the workers who were wounded and killed been armed we might have seen the attacker rendered harmless much sooner before he could have created so much mayhem. American's by the millions somehow have come to believe that they are safer by being disarmed even though time and again killers attack masses of defenseless people in restaurants, on college campuses, in movie theaters, in malls, and even on military bases and prove that notion that being disarmed makes you safe to be completely wrong. Unarmed people are defenseless. When arms are forbidden, only the criminals arm themselves. That means everyone else is defenseless and ready to be slaughtered.

When will Americans learn? They must begin to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear arms at all times in all places in order to defend themselves against mass murderers.

How long will we continue to force employees to be unarmed in hospitals, at schools, in Naval Yards and in other military establishments, in theaters, in churches, on college campuses, in restaurants and elsewhere where murderers are looking for masses of defenseless people to attack.

An armed society can defend itself. An unarmed society is prepared to become victims. Masses of victims from the many similar incidents may wish that they had been allowed to keep and bear arms in order to protect themselves and others from those among us who want to kill.

I wonder if any of the victims will sue the Army for forcing them to be unarmed while on base and therefore defenseless. Will they sue because the Army took away their 2nd Amendment Rights while they were on the base? Why is it that so many organizations in American force Americans to give up their 2nd Amendment Rights in order to enter their buildings. Does it make those people safer? Obviously it does not. "Sheltering in Place" does not prepare you to resist armed assailants. Arming yourselves does.

Note the links to my other articles on the same topic at the bottom of this article. Those articles have reached probably over 100,000 people. It’s too bad we can’t get everyone we know to write similar articles, blogs, and facebook notes. It’s too bad that we can’t get everyone who reads this article to share it on their Facebook page and Email it ot their friends. It’s too bad we can’t get everyone we know to fight for the continued right to keep and bear arms in every place and every building within the U.S. It’s too bad it’s not against the law to forbid citizens to keep and bear arms everywhere within the borders of the U.S. More bad guys would be killed before they killed so many innocents.

We still disarm our employees and our citizens in most public buildings, hospitals, high schools, elementary schools, restaurants, banks, colleges, malls, theaters, airplanes, military bases, Fed-x stores, and most other establishments. Unarmed, defenseless citizens are left to the non-existent mercy of remorseless killers and thieves everywhere. The innocent allow themselves to be disarmed. They should not be surprised when they are slaughtered by the murderers among us.

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