From Michele Bachmann

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Dear Mark,

If you look at the Obama record, you might begin to wonder (if you haven????????t already), at what point does he see any limitations on the federal government? As a small businesswoman, former federal tax attorney and chair of the TEA Party Caucus, I am running for President because I????????ve had enough of Obama????????s big government policies.

My vision of America is indeed one where the federal government abides by its contract with the people; one where the U.S. Constitution is followed without question. I will bring clarity to the U.S. foreign policy, I will repeal Obamacare, and repeal the jobs-killing Dodd-Frank financial regulation bill, and I will reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac against the wishes of the liberal special interests.

If this is what you believe in, if this is what you long for, then I????????m asking you to join my campaign today as I seek the office for President of the United States.

This campaign will not be easy, nor without bumps in the road, but it will be rife with opportunities to spread our message of limited government and meaningful reform.

Tomorrow, I am honored to be speaking at Calvary Baptist Church in Oseola, IA at 11am CST. It will be aired live online on C-SPAN.ORG, and I encourage you to watch and invite your friends and family to join you.

Next Thursday, October 27th I will be in my homestate of Minnesota for several events to meet with supporters and discuss my presidential campaign. I would love for you to join me next week in Minnesota, please click here for more information.

When President, I will have the courage to make the hard decisions to make dramatic cuts in spending rather than extending our credit once again. The President says he wants to fix the economy for a ‘decade.’ I want to fix it for the next generation and never again have to have a debate about raising the debt limit.

Below, I’ve included some informative articles about the past week, and some great ways for you to get involved with our campaign. I hope that you’ll read them and share them with family and friends, and then send me feedback on my Facebook page.


Michele Bachmann

Peacefully, please. . .always, and in all ways ~

Mark A. Mayr


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